Weak Spots of Huawei Smartphones

Weak Spots of Huawei Smartphones

The famous brand Huawei was always popular because of its accessibility and perfect productivity. Color rendering, excellent battery capacity, and other peculiarities make it one of the most demanded Chinese brands. Many customers report rare cases when the cell phone parts require replacement. However, the affordable price of the mobile phone defines the presence of several working inconveniences, which may severely influence the customer’s wish in buying the smartphone. Let’s discover them and understand if the flaws override the good qualities of Huawei mobile phones. 

Objective Flaws in Huawei Productivity and Mobiles Parts 

The described facts are justified by the opinion of non-loyal experts and don’t aim at decreasing the popularity of the smartphone. The aim is to outline points that may become objective for somebody when choosing a new device. 


Kirin processors are the android phone parts, which the company regularly installs. The tests usually show the medium performance indicators, but the results can’t objectively represent the actual everyday performance of the device. The core isn’t highly productive and usually gets hot quickly, leading to several options having a low performance. 

CPU cell phone parts don’t allow playing ones with innovative graphics. The fps will be inconsistent and may provide no more than 20-25 frames per second for modern games. However, Huawei did its best to compensate for such a flaw and installed a specific GPU Turbo mode. It allows you to increase graphic performance and admire a better picture when using new Android games. 


It’s not a secret that Huawei android mobile parts are similar to Samsung and iPhone and have practically the same design. Even if we look at the back panel and the camera of the Huawei P20, the objective similarities to the “market leader” iPhone are visible. 

Wide Model Range 

It may seem an advantage because the customers get a wider choice of smartphones. But as usual, the productivity characteristics, RAM, and battery capacity remain the same even with the appearance of new mobile phones, and only the “flagships” may include something new. However, such a feature makes it possible to choose the same replacement cell phone parts for different models. 


Regardless of the high number of megapixels and the desire of the developers to improve the photo’s quality with several camera lenses, the camera’s software still has disadvantages. The users report the unpredictable work of automatic shooting in which the images can be bright and illuminated. And speaking about camera replacement parts for phones, they usually become necessary to install. 

To Sum Up 

Overall, Huawei smartphones, similarly to the devices of many modern brands, have their disadvantages. If you are looking for a highly productive phone to play games or an alternative to a camera for taking photos, Huawei won’t correspond to your inquiries. However, it remains the perfect budgetary product for everyday use, which has become a choice of millions of users worldwide.