LCD Screen

LCD Screen

Apple iPhone 8 LCD

The parameters possessed by the iPhone 8 LCD screen are impressive and are at the premium level. The module itself is capacitive, supports multitouch, a screen field diagonal of 4.7", a resolution of 1334 * 750 pixels with a density of 326 dpi.

The matrix of the IPS type in the iPhone 8 screen LCD makes the image more contrasting, brighter, more realistic colors, widens the viewing angles. IPS is a type of matrix embedded in displays made using LCD technology, its electrodes are located in the same plane with liquid crystals, which allows reproducing white and black colors in their entire depth, displaying up to a billion shades.

The brightness of the display module is high because it is created using LCD / TFT liquid crystal technology, which a priori provides twice the brightness of modules manufactured using other technologies. It is the LCD base that equips the iPhone 8 (original) display with the following advantages:

     high-quality anti-glare ability;

     decent brightness of the matrix, excellent readability of information in direct sunlight;

     consumption of a small amount of energy.

The original display saves power in the following way: the liquid crystals of the LCD-matrix reproduce the image not by emitting light from itself, but by its reflection, therefore, electricity is consumed by the display only in a small amount.

The original iPhone 8 screen supports a wide color gamut, so the image comes out well saturated, but no frills, so colors look natural and beautiful. The viewing angles are wide, which is due to the structure of the pixels - they are dual-domain, and do not distort the image when viewed from an angle. The module is equipped with an anti-reflective coating, protected from scratches.

iPhone 8 LCD screen replacement functional

The display module of this model has at its disposal functions that improve the already high-quality image.

The built-in option TrueTone (true tone) analyzes the ambient lighting and flexibly adjusts the white balance and the intensity of the module's backlighting for it, that is, it has an adaptive color temperature. This function makes the perception of information from the screen comfortable in any light, reduces eye strain. This is realized by a special detector located on the front side of the device next to the camera eye, which analyzes the ambient lighting and adjusts the backlight using special algorithms. The TrueTone ability can be enabled or disabled at the user's request. The Night Shift display provides a warmer hue to the color temperature in evening lighting conditions.

Great offer for users

The iPhone 8 screen LCD replacement can be purchased as an assembly, in the following configuration: display, touchscreen, frame.

In the Spare Parts Mobile store, users can purchase the original iPhone 8 display, the price for which is set at a reasonable price, does not include unnecessary markups or overstates. In a special section of the site, you can find detailed instructions for replacing the display and any other elements of smartphones and similar digital technology.