Card Socket

Card Socket

Huawei card socket

A Huawei card socket is an essential element of any mobile phone. Most often, the holder is installed in the body or in the back cover of the phone. Its main and only duty is to fix the SIM card in the phone and connect it to the contacts of the board for normal operation.

SIM card tray, what they are?

SIM card slots are divided into types depending on the method of installation in the device and the number of connectors.

Installation methods:

     Push-push - at the first push, the card is fixed inside the slot, at the second push - it is removed thanks to a special spring.

     Push-pull - the card is inserted into a separate tray, then directly fixed in the slot itself.

A number of connectors:

     One SIM card

     Dual SIM cards (Dual Sim)

     SIM card + MicroSD

How to open the SIM card tray and the main problems associated with the holders

The inability to insert a SIM card into the phone due to a broken tray is a rather big nuisance because it means that your smartphone stops fulfilling its main duty.

At times, the SIM card slot breaks off from the contacts during the installation or removal of the SIM card. Inaccurate use can lead to bent contacts. Quite often, removable trays are simply lost due to their small size.

But the biggest complications are caused by "micro" or "nano" cards inserted into a standard size SIM-holder. An attempt to remove a SIM card that is incorrectly inserted into the connector often ends with a broken holder.

SIM card socket does not come out, solutions to the problem

If similar trouble happened to your slot on your phone, you shouldn't be too upset. The holder can always be replaced with a new one, since the price for them, in most cases, is low. Many services for the repair of mobile devices try to have a stock of these spare parts for the most popular models because this breakdown is very common.

Where to buy a SIM holder?

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