Xiaomi battery

Imagine just for a moment that the battery on your Xiaomi phone does not hold a charge? This is a huge fear for many modern people because we simply cannot imagine our usual day without a smartphone or tablet. There you can not only read the news, chat with friends, watch videos, or listen to songs, now you can work there. Thanks to a variety of programs that help you cope with work issues. And of course, if a smartphone or tablet is discharged, then it is necessary to replace the battery.

How to remove an old Xiaomi battery?

This can be done at home, it is not necessary to contact the service center. Each gadget has a back cover. It is usually made of plastic, less often of metal. It has special clamps with which it is attached. It is necessary to remove this cover very carefully so as not to damage the tabs. Then you can easily remove the Xiaomi phone battery and then insert a new one.

Selection and purchase of a Xiaomi replacement battery for a smartphone or for a tablet

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After the Xiaomi battery for phone is received and correctly installed, it remains to understand how to check its full operation. This is pretty easy to do. You need to fully charge your smartphone or tablet. After that, it will be possible to adequately assess how long the battery charge will last in the state of active/passive use. And most importantly, the performance of the gadget will increase significantly, which means it will be possible to use several programs or applications at the same time