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Xiaomi back covers

The company, whose appearance is due to the desire to create a good “copy” of the successful iPhone, has grown into an independent and distinctive project. Now smartphones from Xiaomi enjoy great success in the American market. This product is sold out like “hot cakes” and pleases its owners with good and stable work. According to the statistics, the share of all “Mi” phones is about 47% of the total share of all brands and companies.

The expected shortage of parts did not follow, but rather the opposite - the market is overflowing with spare parts, including the back cover case for Xiaomi. The general layout is similar to that of other mobile phones (the pros and cons are common):


     Loop (board-to-board);

     Display and touch screen;


     Speakers and microphones;

     Camera (main and front);

     Xiaomi back covers;

     Finger scanner and other data protection tools.

The main part of the negative factors of the external environment is taken up by the accessory back cover for the Xiaomi phone, and its deformation can be an irreversible process. There is only one opportunity to fix everything - to replace the damaged part with a new one.

Back cover case for Xiaomi cover

Xiaomi phones hit the American market several years ago, but have already won the hearts of thousands of customers. An almost professional camera, interesting design, versatility - that's all about it. But an unexpected drop can make its own adjustments to the work - that's why everything about the quick Xiaomi back cover replacement and the peculiarities of working with it are below.

Why is it needed?

If the battery is considered the heart of the phone (after all, without it the mobile device will not even turn on), then the back cover for Xiaomi phones is similar to the work of the liver - it protects all mechanisms from foreign objects, moisture, dust, and also partially affects the maintenance of the same temperature in any weather. Without it, the device would not have lasted even a month - the external environment carries too many dangers.

How to remove the Xiaomi back cover?

Xiaomi phones have a number of features, so it will be somewhat more difficult to replace here than, for example, from Meizu or Huawei.

The first step is to find the phone case. You can do it like this: enter the query: “Buy a cover on Xiaomi” - having received a list of results, go to the website (online store). Before you opens a huge catalog of various parts for Xiaomi phones and not only. Having chosen everything you need, you make a purchase, after which the operator of our store will contact you in order to confirm the order. Further, with the help of delivery in the US and its cities, you get your spare part.

To change the back cover, remove the SIM card tray initially. Take a pencil (a blade is ideal) and very carefully insert it into the bottom slot between the screen and the lid. Next, move the object around the perimeter of the structure until you hear a click - this will be a sign that the work is finished. If the back cover has a large crack, then you can try to pry it off and thus remove the first part of the cover first, and then the rest. It will be much easier to insert a new one - just push the fasteners into the holes and press down.

Why our online store?

Our store values ​​its customers very much, therefore all products are of high quality and are pre-checked for defects. Also, all products are certified and have a guarantee. An online consultant will help in solving any problems and questions, and will also please you with a quick ordering process. Delivery by courier in the US and the region is possible, to other cities - by mail.