Samsung battery

Each of us has repeatedly faced the problem of sudden discharge of a mobile device. This is especially unpleasant in the era of digital technology when the smartphone serves not only for receiving information but also for any communication with the outside world. What is the reason for the premature depletion of the battery charge? Often the point is in its irrational spending. Modern technologies such as 4G mobile internet, GPS navigator, and powerful apps drain the device's resources in a short period of time. But what to do if the phone runs out of battery in a few hours even in the background? Most likely the matter is in the Samsung battery and this part must be replaced.

It is known for certain that the batteries for Samsung have a limited number of charging cycles, whether it is a part from Samsung or any other manufacturer. When the number of these cycles is exhausted, the battery for a Samsung phone simply stops working correctly, quickly loses its charge, and gradually comes into complete malfunction. The only true solution to this problem is to replace the battery for Samsung. But how to choose and buy the right replacement battery for your Samsung phone, what are their features and specificity of use?

Features of choosing replacement Samsung batteries

When buying a new battery replacement for a Samsung phone, first of all, you need to pay attention to several main characteristics by which these parts differ. The following parameters should be considered.

Volume or capacity of a part

This parameter is responsible for how much energy the battery can store in itself. It is usually measured in milliamperes * hour (mAh) and literally reflects how much charge "fits" in a given accumulator for a Samsung phone. The higher this indicator, the longer your device can work without additional recharging.

The originality of the spare part

There are several types of batteries for Samsung cell phones on the market today: Copy, High-Copy, and Original part.

Copy is a simple and inexpensive spare part, which, however, can reliably serve you for several years, depending on the rate of use of the gadget.

High-Copy is a copy of the original part of the highest quality. By buying this spare part, you can be sure of its strength and durability because the product is made according to the most modern standards and meets all the necessary criteria.

The original battery type for the Samsung phone hardly needs a description. This is the same detail that is made directly at the manufacturer's plant. It is no wonder that such a spare part is of the highest quality and has the maximum affinity for your smartphone.

Samsung replacement battery comes in different types

To date, the market is widely represented by two types of batteries for Samsung phones: lithium-ion and lithium-polymer. Lithium-ion - ready to use right away, they do not need to be charged or discharged before being inserted into the phone. Such parts have a fairly high level of energy density and have been successfully used in all gadgets on our planet for many years. Lithium-polymer batteries represent a newer, modernized generation of batteries, the electrolyte in which is not in a liquid, but in a solid-state, due to which there are several clear advantages. Such batteries are somewhat more compact, definitely safer, and hold a charge better than Samsung's lithium-ion batteries. But despite this, both of them are widely popular with users, meeting the needs of consumers.

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