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LCD Screen

Lenovo LCD

A standard Lenovo LCD screen usually consists of several parts, namely: a display, a sensor (touchscreen), and a protective glass. The last component is not at all an obligatory component of the LCD screen Lenovo module, but, as practice shows, the user usually differentiates damage to the protective glass as “screen breakage”. Failure of any of these components will not only significantly complicate the life of the owners but also lead to the complete impossibility of working with the device. Given the specifics of the part, it is often possible to completely solve the problem only with Lenovo LCD replacement.

Causes of Lenovo LCD breakage

Among the many circumstances that lead to the failure of a spare part such as LCD Lenovo, there are several main reasons:

     Mechanical damage.

     Display control chip defective.

     Incorrectly working software.

     The effect of high humidity on the contacts and, as a result, their oxidation.

It is possible to judge about the failure of the Lenovo LCD display by the presence of the following signs: the absence of a picture in the area of ​​the screen, a change in its color, structure, the presence of various distortions and optical aberrations, the presence of blots, rainbow stains, streaks, cracks, etc. If you have at least one of the above "symptoms", you should contact the service center to clarify the nature of the problem and receive recommendations for its solution. But, given the specifics of the part, most likely you will need a complete Lenovo LCD screen replacement.

How to choose a Lenovo replacement LCD screen?

In order to correctly select and get a suitable Lenovo replacement LCD, be sure to consider its compatibility with the model of your gadget. Information about which phones a particular Lenovo LCD replacement screen is suitable for is necessarily indicated in the product description. For convenience, also use a special filter in the side menu of our website. Just enter the name of the model you are interested in, and the site itself will offer you options that are suitable directly for your phone.

The most popular today are display modules for the following models:

     Tab 3;


     Tab 2, etc.

All spare modules that you find in our online store differ in some characteristics. Here are the main ones.

Part quality:

     Copy (Copy);

     High-grade copy (AAA, High-Copy);

     Original display.




Considering these and some other factors, the final Lenovo LCD screen price is formed, which you see on our website.

Where to buy an LCD screen replacement for Lenovo?

If you urgently need to find a good and reliable screen for your gadget, you are very lucky, because the Spare Parts Mobile online store is one of the market leaders in the sale of accessories and components for various gadgets. Only here you will choose a display for any, even the rarest Lenovo phone model. Branded service, affordable prices, and hundreds of positive reviews all over the Internet - this is not a complete list of the advantages of working with our company.

You can get a part from us in the US - arrange delivery to any corner of the country where there is a post office. We try to send parcels directly on the day of receipt of the application so that each of our customers receives the necessary accessory as soon as possible. And even if the purchase for some reason does not meet your expectations - do not worry, because you can always make an exchange of goods or a refund within the framework of the current legislation of the US. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of payment, delivery, and warranty in more detail in the relevant sections of our website.

Therefore, if you need to quickly buy a high-quality and inexpensive display module for a gadget, you should not waste a minute! Choose, order, and enjoy your long-awaited purchase now!