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When we buy a new phone, it pleases us not only with its functionality but also with its brilliant appearance. But time passes and the case is overwritten, burn out, or just breaks. There is only one way out - to change the back cover for the LG phone. We offer a wide range of mobile phone LG back covers. Our managers will answer all your questions.

Modern LG mobile back covers - what are they?

Today it is simply impossible to imagine life without using a mobile phone. Constant calls, work, the Internet, online correspondence, navigation - and this is not the whole list of possibilities. However, the value of use is no longer the same as it was for the very first gadget, and therefore one has to talk less and less about an accurate attitude towards them.

In a moment, the phone is already flying on a hard surface, falls out of hands, lies in a pocket with keys, or simply rubs against the table. All this leads to rapid wear on the back of the smartphone.

If you've had to choose LG back cover for your phone, be sure to pay attention to a few basic criteria. The connectors on the new product must match the phone itself. The holes for the camera must be of the correct size. The design, ideally, should not differ, and the price should be acceptable. In this case, the new back panel would be perfect.

But not everything is so simple. Since today, rear panels are classified according to the following characteristics:

     Manufacturer. This can be a native company that markets accessories for products or a third-party brand that offers products that are compatible with your phone model.

     Manufacturing material. The choice according to this criterion is yours. Plastic, glass, or metal. The latter is practical, the former is cheaper, and one is unusual. Each material has a different degree of protection and texture.

     Extra features. Some models in the design provide for the presence of lock and volume keys. In addition, according to the type of installation, the features of the rear panel are also distinguished: removable or non-removable.

Why you need a phone back cover LG replacement?

We would like to draw your attention to such a concept as a quality class. If the quality grade is AAA, it means that the smartphone back cover for LG is made to high standards with quality materials. They offer such cases, usually as the original ones.

The original LG back cover is produced exclusively by the phone manufacturer, and not by the other manufacturer. It is very difficult and expensive to buy a real original case. Difficult, because the original case is sold only for accessories. It is possible to buy individual parts, but not a finished case. Expensive, because you can buy it only at an official service center.

Where to buy a replacement back cover for LG phones?

The online store Spare Parts Mobile offers to buy the LG back panel for popular phone models. In our assortment, you will find only reasonable prices and value for money. The catalog includes both classic design products and exclusive ones that you will surely like to your taste. Delivery of goods is possible to any city in the US.

We are ready for feedback 7 days a week. Just call the numbers listed on the website. We will help you choose the right model, answer your questions, make useful recommendations, as well as place an order with you, and choose a delivery method.

We are glad to every new and regular client.