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Apple Replacement Parts

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Over the past couple of decades, Apple has succeeded in taking the lead in the mobile phone market, and as a leader and pioneer in the smartphone era, the name has become synonymous with quality and prestige. Many fans around the world argue, love, and hate the products of the Apple company, but they have something in common - everyone wants an iPhone! And when this smartphone appears in a person's life, it transforms. The sun is shining brighter and the grass is greener.

In the process of exploitation, different things happen and in an instant, a dear friend can turn into a useless "brick". And to maximize your uptime, a vast array of high-quality Apple parts are provided. You can talk a lot about these phones, like other Apple products, and for this, let's look at the main types of breakdowns of this technology, and ways to solve them with Apple replacement parts.

Therefore, if your precious iPhone has a breakdown, do not rush to give up your smartphone: it is easier and cheaper to buy iPhone spare parts than to buy a new phone.

Apple iPhone Parts Online

The number of iPhones sold has exceeded one billion. An impressive figure, but among this army of phones, there is not a single one that would work the entire period without interruption. Even the best ones have breakdowns - this is normal. The reasons for the malfunctions are commonplace: wear of parts, improper or careless use, force majeure - for example, a power surge when the phone was charging. The bottom line, as a rule, is the same: the part fails and replacement parts for the iPhone are needed.

Spare parts for iPhone: what Apple phone parts are changed most often

At the Case-mobile store, we offer the iPhone original parts that customers are looking for the most. You are just going to go in search, and the necessary iPhone replacement part is already waiting in our warehouse. Nothing mystical: we are not psychics, we just know what problems happen with iPhones and what Apple part replacement is needed.

Broken screen

This is the popular result of a short phone flight to the floor. However, cracks in the glass are not the worst thing. If the display module fails, the problems will be more serious: the sensor does not work, the screen does not show, you cannot use the smartphone. We'll have to buy spare Apple replacement parts for the iPhone and replace the entire screen unit.

The battery has lost capacity

If the battery after a couple of years of using the smartphone does not hold a charge, this is not a problem, but the natural wear and tear of the battery. Lithium-ion batteries for iPhone are rated for a maximum of 700 full charges. The resource is exhausted - you will not swing the battery anymore, only replacing the parts for iPhone will solve the problem, you can buy a new battery right now.

Filled iPhone with liquid

A sunken or flooded iPhone is the third most common mobile phone breakdown. As a result of force majeure bathing, anything can break: from the Home button to the matrix and the motherboard. All the replacement parts for iPhone for such cases can be found in our store.

Broken charging

The manufacturer expects the adapter to last as long as a smartphone. In practice, it often turns out differently: the plug breaks, the cable comes off, the power supply burns out from the voltage drop. Such a nuisance happened to your adapter - we advise you to choose only original Apple parts: the price is higher, but 100% compatibility and stable charging are guaranteed.

The power socket is loose

A typical problem of already all smartphones. Over time, the contacts of the plug and the connector weaken, there are problems with charging. It is more correct in this situation not to constantly look for the position of the cord in which the phone will be charged, but to buy iPhone replacement parts.

But here, perhaps, are all the main problems that may appear on your way. They are solvable with iPhone replacement parts and there is no need to worry too much. Fortunately, in many large cities, you can easily buy original spare parts for Apple, which will prolong the pleasant communication with the wonderful device.

If, in search of a solution to a problem, you find yourself on our website, you can familiarize yourself with a huge number of iPhone replacement parts located in convenient categories. After taking a close look, something necessary will be found. It will not be difficult for you to place an order, and if any difficulties or questions arise, our technical support will help you as soon as possible.

Buy parts for iPhone

Looking for where to buy Apple parts for your iPhone, our Case-mobile specialized store is at your service. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the choice of components for the Apple smartphones, and the price for them.

Choose which Apple iPhone spare parts you need: for example, iPhone batteries or display modules. Then select a spare part according to the series and model of "iPhone". If you are satisfied with the parameters, click on the "buy" icon and place an order.