iPhone 7 Parts

iPhone 7 Parts

Apple iPhone 7

Many were waiting for the presentation of the iPhone 7, pinning their hopes and expecting another breakthrough from the brilliant Apple. And in September 2016, the iPhone 7 and the larger Plus version were introduced to the world. The breakthrough really happened and many fans were satisfied. The rejection of the headset jack and the mechanical Home button was accepted with apprehension, but after a couple of months, almost all major smartphone manufacturers took the baton of "hardship". The design has changed, new colors have appeared and the old ones have been reworked.

Already now, you can easily buy spare parts for the iPhone 7 of all major types. After all, not a single smartphone is insured against an “accident”.

The iPhone 7 Plus can be considered a truly new device:

     The presence of a double camera;

     Body-color Jet Black;

     Touch button "Home";

     Built-in memory 256 GB;

     A10 Fusion processor.

Statistics say that the iPhone 7 Plus with 256Gb in Jet Black has become the most popular at the start of sales, which the company did not expect and faced a shortage of ready-made models and spare iPhone 7 parts.

Spare parts of iPhone 7: selection and purchase

You can buy iPhone 7 replacement parts online or in the Apple service network. If you undertake the search for components yourself, then you need to know that the best parts of the iPhone 7 are of the following types:

     Copy (Copy) - the quality of the average level, the price is low, but a factory defect is possible, is very inferior to the original parts;

     High-copy (copy of AAA-class) - iPhone 7 part is created under license from Apple subsidiaries, the quality is at a high level and close to the original, perfect for replacing broken parts;

Original replacement parts for iPhone 7:

     New spare parts (created by the company, but for some reason are sold separately, delivered to service centers, the price is high!

     Used parts for iPhone 7 are more affordable, but it is difficult to track their remaining resource and condition.

iPhone 7 repair parts may differ depending on what can be broken in the new device:



     Home button loop;

     Volume and power buttons;


     Camera glass;

     Auxiliary charging loop;

     SIM card tray;

     Hearing and music speakers.

Let's say from the falling the protective glass breaks, the screen breaks, the sound disappeared during the conversation.

In the first case, you can try to cut off the old glass and replace it with a new one. This repair allows you to keep the original iPhone 7 screen parts, namely the display. But, such a replacement is fraught with some risk (an inexperienced master can break the screen).

Replacing the entire module! If the image is distorted or disappeared, then there is only one way out - replacement. iPhone 7 spare parts are best changed in the official service. So you can be sure that the repair will be done at the highest level. The price of such services is quite high.

As for the speaker, it is located on the inside of the screen and is fixed to it with a few bolts. Spare parts for iPhone 7, namely speaker repair, are the easiest to get.

If you do everything right, then you can continue to use your smartphone!