Button And Card Slots

Button And Card Slots

LG Buttons

Our shop of spare parts and accessories offers you LG buttons for mobile phones and other devices. These can be buttons for returning "Home" and activating the camera, LG back button, volume buttons, etc.

Menu and camera button on LG phone

Nowadays, touchscreen phones are popular, but they also have several simple buttons that are constantly subject to wear and tear, later fail and lead to the lack of performance of some functions of the phone.

If you like to take pictures with your mobile phone, then the camera power LG button on your phone is most likely worn out and you just need to replace it, otherwise, you will miss many unrecorded moments of life.

But not only old buttons can be replaced with new ones. Many people like to simply upgrade their mobile devices. We have sets with SD card slot for LG phones. We have buttons for phones of different colors, materials, and even exclusive ones with sparkling beautiful stones and rhinestones. Here you can look up, select, and buy a button of interest. All products are guaranteed for up to 30 days, and we also work with all of the US.

Popular faults in the LG phone buttons:

     Disruption of the integrity of the loop connector as a result of falls and shocks. In this situation, it is not necessary to change, you just need to turn the connection unit to its original place, fix it more securely.

     Wear of the button mechanism. In a similar situation, the device does not need to be switched off to replace the buttons. You may need to rewire the mechanism on a single loop or install a new one.

     Immersion of liquid in the device. Your device needs a thorough cleaning or a new installation.

Deformation of the housing. You do not need to try to restore the functionality of the smartphone yourself. With unprofessional actions, you can easily destroy the internal components of the device and aggravate the current situation. In 60% of cases, users themselves perform unsuccessful repairs, after which it is impossible to restore the functionality of the device. It is best to contact your professional service center for help.

Solving the problem of broken LG button for phone

Of course, you can prevent the phone from falling or buy a model with a protected case. If it nevertheless happened that the adjustment buttons flew out, or simply do not function, they will need to be replaced.

It is imperative to use the same buttons that we are changing, that is, for the same mobile phone model. A large selection of them for popular models is presented on our website. We guarantee the quality and identity of all buttons to the original, which is a prerequisite for a full replacement.

Where to buy?

The online store Spare Parts Mobile offers to buy Camera buttons and LG menu button for mobile phones. The catalog contains 54 commodity items at a small price. Detailed information, description, reviews, and characteristics are available.