iPad Air Series Parts

iPad Air Series Parts

Apple iPad Air

In this section, you can buy spare parts for Apple iPad Air at competitive retail and wholesale prices. We are ready to offer you a wide range of repair parts for iPad Air at a low price and in excellent quality. In the Spare Parts Mobile store, you will find everything you need to repair iPad Air. All that remains is to select parts from the catalog and place an order.

Delivery and pickup

Couriers work in the Spare Parts Mobile online store and there is a pick-up point, so you can get the purchased iPad Air parts in a convenient way for you. More information about receiving the goods you can get from our consultants.

Below is a list of categories of Apple iPad Air parts:

     Displays and glasses for iPad Air;

     Housing parts for iPad Air;

     IPad Air Batteries & Accumulators;

     Cameras for iPad Air;

     ICs for iPad Air;

     Flex cables of all kinds for iPad Air;

     Buttons and other rare parts for iPad 2Air;

     Speakers for iPad Air.

Warranty and return conditions

All parts are subject to mandatory inspection before sale. We also provide a 14-calendar-day warranty for the parts sold, so that you can verify this for yourself. Detailed warranty conditions can be learned from our consultants.

Components for tablets are technically complex goods for which no return is provided due to the wrong choice of goods by the buyer. Therefore, carefully choose the models, colors, and type of part, and if you are in doubt about which part for the iPad Air you need to buy - contact us for advice, and we will try to help you buy. We wish you a happy shopping.