iPhone X Parts

iPhone X Parts

Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X has become a breakthrough in the mobile SMART device industry. The management of the company, with the efforts of all employees, created a miracle: “a breath of fresh air - I was able to transform the concept of an ideal smartphone and raise the quality bar to a new level!” - said Tim Cook.

But what did ordinary users get? Short list:

     Screen: The matrix is ​​made using OLED technology, which we saw in Samsung phones;

     Housing: As a tribute to tradition, the material was chosen: space steel and durable glass, these spare parts for iPhone X are the rarest and most expensive;

     Face ID security technology: A conceptually new feature capable of recognizing and modeling faces is located under the upper frame of the screen;

     Cameras just got better: Taking photos with the phone has become more pleasant, and the module itself is the best among the competitors;

     Technical part: The central processor A11 Bionic is responsible for the work: it is capable of self-learning and perfectly copes with all possible tasks;

     Design: For the sake of fashion, the smartphone was made "frameless", which increased the likelihood of critical damage to the display, spare parts of an iPhone X are still in short supply, which makes it difficult to carry out repairs.

This is only a small part of all the innovations, and now we will consider this device from the point of view of repair and order various parts of the iPhone X for it.

Selection of spare iPhone X parts 

It is very easy to break a "novelty", but not to fix it! At the time of the start of sales, the broken smartphones were simply changed to new ones due to a lack of iPhone X replacement parts for the phone. Even in Apple itself (as was the case with the iPhone 7 Jet Black), they suggest using protective equipment: covers, films, protective glasses.

They, as well as other accessories, can be found on our website. It is enough to enter the request: “Buy Apple iPhone X parts” and follow the link to our online store. You will find a huge catalog of various products for both new and many of the previous models. The purchase takes place in a couple of "clicks", and delivery is possible in all cities of the US.

iPhone X parts list: how to choose?

Components differ in quality: copy, high-copy, original.

The first item is a simple copy, the level of quality of materials processing is minimal. The advantages include the low cost of parts for the Apple iPhone X. High-copy combines a balance of quality and workmanship. An excellent choice for purchase for further renovation. The high cost of original parts is justified by the quality. They are ideal when replacing a similar part. Can be new and used.

The prices for spare parts for the tenth iPhone also depend on the delivery set, a pleasant bonus can be considered:


     A set of necessary tools;

     Availability of protective accessories;

     Possibility of repair services;

     Points system;


iPhone X self-repair

Note: Don't try to fix your iPhone yourself! An official representative of the company or a network of service centers will help you. Self-repair is dangerous for your mobile phone! Contact the professionals.

But you if decided to do it yourself, here are a couple of tips for iPhone X repair:

     Before disassembling the device, make sure that the part you need is available for purchase.

     You will need a set of repair tools.

     A service manual or video instruction will simplify the disassembly process for you.

     Try to remember (mark) the location of the internal components: bolts, loops, protective screens, Insulation, thermo-pads.

     Inspect the new part for defects and damage before assembly.

     Always check the device before assembling it.

Be careful and everything will work out!