Back Cover

Back Cover

Apple iPhone X back cover

The iPhone X back cover released in 2017 is different from previous models. It has the following characteristics:

     Compatibility - iPhone X;

     Material - durable tempered glass;

     Covering - oleophobic material;

     The main colors are black, gray, gold;

     Manufacturer - Apple;

     Size - 143.6x70.9 mm.

Thanks to durable material, the iPhone 10 back cover reliably protects the internal parts of the gadget from mechanical damage. Unlike previous models, the back cover iPhone X attaches to the phone using a special steel frame. Thanks to this, the process of replacing it becomes much easier.

iPhone X glass back cover features

The glass case has several features at once that distinguish it from plastic or metal:

     High RF Conductivity - Stronger Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Signals;

     Attractive appearance - glass shines in the light and looks stylish;

     Convenience - such a case is pleasant to the touch and slips less in the hand.

iPhone 10 X back cover fragility: true or fiction?

Not the most pleasant feature of the case of the latest Apple smartphone is its "sensitivity". The owners note that the glass cover (in any of the colors) peels off rather quickly from small mechanical stress. Despite the fact that such a defect does not harm the normal operation of the smartphone, it still degrades its appearance. That is why the back cover for the iPhone x is one of the most demanded spare parts for the gadget. You can buy it online in the online store of high-quality spare parts for Apple Spare Parts Mobile.

Many users note one more feature of the lid: it bursts even from minor mechanical damage. This is due to its glass surface, which, despite its strength, is very sensitive to external influences. Covered with minor abrasions and cracks, it also protects microsystems. However, this increases the risk of more serious damage, which subsequently affects the operation of the device.

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