Camera Series

Camera Series

Apple iPhone X camera

Apple's proprietary iSight camera, which the new iPhone 10 received, significantly surpasses its predecessor in terms of the quality of the outputted material and easily competes with serious professional DSLR cameras.

iPhone x back camera settings

     Features a Sony Exmor RS photographic sensor with a focal length of 3.99mm to the optical center of the lens. Other characteristics of the module are as follows:

     2x optical zoom;

     digital scaling x10;

     dual-module: wide-angle, telephoto lenses with aperture f / 1.8 and f / 2.4, respectively, creating gorgeous photographs against an especially blurred background ("bokeh" effect);

     number of pixels: 12 megapixels for each aperture, resolution: 4032x3024 px (photo) and 3840x2160 px (video);

     frame rate of videos - 60 frames / sec.

Optical image stabilization helps you take sharp, well-focused photos in adverse conditions - darkness, mixed-light, subject movement.

How the back iPhone x camera creates high-quality photos?

Both matrices work in tandem, each of them creates its own image, from which a depth map of the scene being shot is formed. Space is analyzed, processed, and the machine creates a three-dimensional photograph with clearly visible depth.

The f / 2.4 telephoto lens is equipped with a high-speed image signal processor that optimizes pictures in any light or no light. There is a function of improved pixel processing, an expanded gamut of shades. The module has a built-in LED indicator called True Tone, it has a size of 4 inches, designed so that in conditions of severe lack of illumination, the image is smooth, without blur, and the background is natural. The indicator works in tandem with the unique Slow Sync option, which generates short intermittent flashes in the dark, smoothing the background.

Quality iPhone X camera replacement

If the camera on iPhone X breaks down, the Spare Parts Mobile online store always has an iPhone 10 camera in stock, which customers can buy at an affordable price. The product has a guarantee confirming its high quality. The store also sells spare parts for smartphones and other equipment from different manufacturers.

For users who can replace the camera on iPhone 10 on their own, there are specialized tools on sale, as well as detailed instructions for replacing each of the spare parts.