iPhone 6S Parts

iPhone 6S Parts

Apple iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6 has become Apple's most controversial smartphone. The huge amount of factory defects and the glory of the “too flexible smartphone” negatively affected the reputation of the multimillion-dollar corporation. And after half a year, the public was presented with “work on bugs” in the face of the new iPhone 6S! This device has become better than its predecessor in all respects. Case, processor, camera, screen - all the main elements have undergone changes. The fans were happy and the reputation is clean again!

iPhone 6s parts repair and replacement

Like any phone, an iPhone can break. This happens most often through the fault of the users themselves. But, a broken screen or damaged case can be easily replaced by ordering new parts on the iPhone 6S.

For greater ease of understanding, consider all the main components and parts for an iPhone 6S. Such parts of the iPhone 6S differ not only in color but also in quality. On the Internet, you can find corpuses with the following signature:

     Copy (copy);

     High-copy (good quality copy);

     Original (spare iPhone 6S parts from the original iPhone);

A regular copy is stripped of the serial number. The materials of the body and the quality of grinding are 3+, defects and production flaws are possible. iPhone 6S replacement parts of this quality are the easiest to find.

A good quality copy is much better. The assembly takes place without complications; spare parts for iPhone 6S phones from the old case are perfect for the case. Some suppliers provide services to transfer your service data from the iPhone cover to a new case.

Genuine iPhone 6S parts are hard to find. There are the following options:

     Search for a “donor”;

     Purchase of used items;

     Spare parts for iPhone 6S, which for some reason did not go into the series and are sold separately.

There is only one drawback of such a case: the service data will not coincide with those indicated in the phone itself. Problems with the sale are possible.

With the display, the situation is exactly the same, it is only worth noting that cheap screens lack support for 3D Touch. Otherwise, the choice of spare parts for the iPhone 6S will be yours, because the differences between the High-copy and the original are minimal.

The situation with all other spare parts for the iPhone 6S mobile phone is much easier because it is advisable to buy them new. These are various loops of side buttons and power buttons, a battery, small elements of the case, a Home button (without Touch ID support), an auditory and music speaker.

Tip: you can buy spare parts for the iPhone 6S through a network of official service centers or order on the Internet from Spare Parts Mobile online store. Both methods have their pros and cons, but the main thing to remember is the mandatory check of new parts! The cost of some is quite tangible and it will be unpleasant to contemplate in the future the incorrect operation of the device. And even more so to buy spare parts for the iPhone 6S again. Spare parts for iPhone 6S must be checked before installation. If you have any complaints about the work of new components, please contact the sellers.