iPod Classic

iPod Classic

Apple iPod Classic

Especially for those who like to carry a music player with them, Apple has developed a portable iPod. It has a compact size that allows you to listen to music and watch video files wherever you are. Some models use flash memory as a storage device, others use a hard disk. The first generation iPod had a storage capacity of five gigabytes, and the latest models' hard drive can hold up to 160 GB of information. The player is also used as a flash drive, it can be easily synchronized with car radios, stereos, and many other electronic devices.

Apple iPod Classic parts: Problems and breakdowns

Despite all its advantages, the iPod, like any other modern electronics, is a fragile device. Intensive use, falls, contact with liquids are the main causes of gadget malfunction. Check out common Apple iPod breakdowns:

     Loose contact in the headphone jack.

     Unstable software operation.

     Deformation of the case.

     Failure of the display.

     Loss of original battery capacity.

Classic iPod parts at the best price in the US

Our online store Spare Parts Mobile offers a huge selection of iPod Classic parts for repair at an affordable price. Parts for iPod Classic purchased from us are covered by the official manufacturer's warranty. Our catalog contains a large assortment of iPod Classic replacement parts:

     Loops: with Home button.

     Rechargeable batteries.

     Microcircuits: power controllers.

     Displays, touch screens, touch glasses.

How to buy replacement parts for iPod Classic?

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