LCD Screen

LCD Screen

Apple iPhone 7 Plus LCD

The iPhone 7 Plus LCD screen has a diagonal of 5`5 inches. This is the "golden middle" when the phone is still small, but with such characteristics, it is pleasant to watch movies, work with editors, and enjoy pictures. The iPhone 7 plus screen LCD is a widescreen that has Multi-Touch functionality with IPS technology. It is called Retina HD and has a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

The iPhone 7 Plus original LCD screen has an oleophobic coating for dust and fingerprint protection. In addition, the model as a whole has a waterproof rating according to the IP67 standard. This is the significant difference between the device and previous models.

The LCD screen on the iPhone 7 plus covers the entire front of the smartphone, including the touch panel, front camera, and home button, so you will have to buy this part if any of its components are damaged. This is the minus of the device.

The screen LCD iPhone 7 Plus consists of the following components:

     protective glass;

     a layer of transparent glue;

     touch panel;

     polarizing filter;



     a layer of additional sensors;


If you have thoughts about iPhone 7 plus LCD screen replacement due to a fall, then first you need to determine how much damage the device received, because a breakdown of the LCD screen for Apple iPhone 7 plus can lead to malfunction of the rest of the iPhone (vibration motor, cable, SIM tray, etc.).

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