Flex Cable

Flex Cable

Apple iPhone 8 Plus flex cable

The iPhone 8 Plus turned out to be excellent: stylish design, bright display, perfect camera, and powerful technical base - made it the most desirable product in the whole world! As before, the smartphone is presented in two versions: a regular iPhone 8 and an enlarged Plus version. The latter has a number of differences:

     Increased body dimensions;

     Display diagonal is 5.5 inches;

     12 MP dual camera module, advanced shooting mode;

     Battery for more amperes/hours.

All components of the phone are connected to each other using iPhone 8 plus flex cables. This simplifies the process of repairing and replacing individual parts of the smartphone. The damaged iPhone 8 Plus camera flex cable can be easily replaced with a similar one (no soldering). All we need is a set of screwdrivers for disassembly and a new part. It is important to note that the flex cable for the iPhone 8 Plus can be “irreplaceable”, which is why you need to buy an entire part assembly, for example:




This is one detail and it is impossible to replace anything separately! You can try to restore the damaged section of the loop, but it is difficult to guarantee further work! You can replace the cable with an iPhone 8 Plus at the Apple service center, specialists will diagnose the entire device and quickly fix the breakdown problem.

Here is a list of all components that can fail:

     Charging loop (it includes: charging connector, microphone, speaker contact group, antenna connector: Wi-Fi and GSM communication);

     Antenna unit loop: GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM others;

     Loop of control buttons: volume, power, mute switch;

     Flex cable for iPhone 8 Plus, earpiece, infrared sensors, front camera, additional microphone.

A flexible connection can fail gradually:


     Mechanical damage;

     Moisture/water ingress;

     Exposure to critical temperatures;

     Failures of the power supply system of the smartphone;

     Time (the loop loses its elasticity and firmness).

Buy flat cable for iPhone 8 Plus: tips for repair and replacement

Any part of your iPhone can be found on the Internet. To do this, you need to: open a browser and enter the request: “Buy a flat cable for the iPhone 8 Plus” - go to our website, study the catalog of goods available for purchase, and place an order with delivery throughout the United States.

The cost of the loop to the iPhone Eight Plus is influenced by the following factors:

     Quality: copy, copy of AAA-class (High-Copy), original;

     Part condition: new (the price of a flat cable for iPhone 8 Plus will not always be more expensive than a used one); used (second-hand);

     Set: loop only; standard (all components necessary for work); complete (part, set of tools).

To replace, you will need:

     iPhone disassembly tool kit;

     New replacement part (bought in our store);

     Service manual or video instruction for disassembling a mobile phone.

Important! Before replacing / repairing, it is necessary to de-energize the device, there is a possibility of short-circuiting the connector (the place where the loop is connected to the board), which can damage the smartphone's motherboard. If this happens, do not try to start the device and contact the nearest service center.

Check the connection carefully, complete fixation of the loop is accompanied by a characteristic “click”. After completing the repair work, you can continue to use your smartphone.