Metal Parts

Metal Parts

Apple iPhone 5s metal parts

Smartphone screws and other iPhone 5s metal parts are the smallest pieces of hardware for your case and internal hardware. It is very easy to lose or damage such parts. Each bolt may differ in diameter and size, as well as in the material and type of slot.

Signs that can cause iPhone 5 s metal parts replacement:

     loss or getting into hard-to-reach places of screws during disassembly/assembly of the device;

     damage to the screw thread;

     torn off screw head;

     erased recess on the screw head;

     leakage of the device case (backlash, gaps, creaks);

     loose internal components.

All of the above items not only irritate the user of the device but can also cause a large amount of dust and moisture to get under the case and on the internal components of the device, which in turn leads to the rapid destruction of internal components, damage to the case, and damage to the appearance of the smartphone.

Why do you need iPhone 5s metal parts?

All Apple appliances are high-quality devices. Despite this, it may sometimes be necessary to disassemble the iPhone 5S to replace a broken part. During this process, work is always carried out with the screws. They're on the phone:

     keep the display on the body;

     fix the protection of the battery cable connector;

     hold the motherboard;

     fix the bracket that covers the connectors of the display cables;

     connect the grounding connector to the body of the apparatus, etc.

Replacing the screws in the iPhone 5S will be needed if, during the assembly of the phone, it turns out that one of them or several pieces have been lost. It will also be necessary to buy them when, during the disassembly of the apparatus, the threads are accidentally torn off these parts. You should not be upset in such a situation since the price of screws on our website is optimal and accessible to everyone.