Button And Card Slots

Button And Card Slots

Apple iPhone 6 Home button

The iPhone 6 home button is the only navigation module with a set of basic commands assigned to it.

     Functions of the home button on iPhone 6:

     minimizing open applications;

     return to the main screen;

     fingerprint identification with device unlocking;

     payment for purchases through the Apple Pay mobile payment system.

Distinctive features and specifications of the home button for iPhone 6

The physical keyframe is mounted on the phone case with two screws. The pad with two membranes is fixed to the loop using four-point ultrasonic soldering and a compound. The home button of the iPhone 6 is directly connected to the processor via a ribbon cable, the connection is realized through the ribbon cable connector, on which the charging connector module is located.

The fingerprint reader is assigned to a macro , the membrane of which, when touched, closes the circuit through the resistors, and supplies an electrical signal to the processor via a loop.

The difference between the iPhone 6 button and its predecessors’ lies in an incomparably short ribbon cable that connects to a long board-to-board intermediate cable located under the protective plate of the display and extending to the entire length of the case. Of the physical parameters of the button, the main one is the resistance value - it is 390 kOhm.

For customers wishing to buy and replace iPhone 6 home button, the module is offered as an assembly: the button itself with membranes and a loop. After a complete replacement of the block with a serviceable one, the functions of physical pressing, finger scanning, Apple Pay payments will work correctly, without interruption.

Why iPhone 6 home button replacement is smarter only in assembly?

The original keys contain microcircuits with information that at the hardware level confirms the originality of the spare element. If a non-original module is mounted, or one of its elements does not have the required key, the smartphone will recognize it as unsafe and disable some functions. In this case, it is fingerprint unlocking and contactless payment function.

It is also recommended to buy the home button replacement iPhone 6 in the assembly because disassembling the module is extremely undesirable, changing only one key without a loop is fraught with the loss of part of the functionality - fatal error No. 53 will appear, or the finger scanner, the payment option will stop working.

If you buy a button assembly, it will cost more economically since the money and time costs for such a repair will be less than if only the button itself was replaced.

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