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LG is one of the world's largest manufacturers of consumer electronics of all sizes. For several decades, the South Korean company has never ceased to delight the world with modern and high-quality novelties. And the smartphones of this brand are no exception, showing amazing combinations of reliability, durability, and modern style.

But, over time, even such a reliable technique sometimes fails. In some cases, the reason for this is simple damage to the LG flex power cable or the so-called loop. Fortunately, this breakdown is by no means critical and is quite easily corrected under the conditions of modern repair possibilities. Fortunately, the price of the new cheap flex cable for LG is rather low, which makes this problem really insignificant.

Most often, our customers order parts for the following LG mobile phone models:

     G 360;

     KF 360;

     S 5100;

     G2 D800;

     Optimus L90 D405;

     KG 296;

     KP 230 etc.

LG Flex Cables: Possible causes of malfunctions

The main reasons for the failure of such an element as LG mobile phone flex cable include the following factors:

     Mechanical damage. Various kinds of shocks, falls, and other traumatic contacts of the gadget with the external environment can damage not only the outer part of the device's case but also its inner contents.

     Oxidation of contacts in the places where they are connected by a board. To a large extent, this process is typical for gadgets that have been in direct contact with an aqueous environment or have been exposed to air with high moisture content for a long time.

     Internal components are worn out. Over time, any cable, especially in active moving places, can become unusable. Basically, this problem concerns the owners of sliders, clamshells, etc.

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to identify a problem with the LG flex antenna cable or any other. Without special experience, as well as the ability to disassemble and test the gadget, very few people succeed the first time. The thing is that a malfunction in the operation of a loop is characterized by the same “symptoms” as a malfunction of the part with which it is connected. Therefore, before changing a failed spare part, you should make sure that the problem lies in its cable.

Where to buy cheap sensor flex cable for LG?

Now, to buy a good LG mobile phone flex cable camera, you just need to go to our website, select the desired product, and place an application. We will take care of the rest! After all, only we have collected parts for the most popular and not-so-popular models of modern smartphones. Well, you can order them from us in any corner of the country where there is a post office.

Please note that the return or exchange of goods under warranty is carried out only if the presentation of the part is preserved. You can read more about this in the section of the same name in the main menu of our site.

Remember that our online store counts on long-term cooperation with each of its customers, and not on receiving a one-time benefit. So that everyone, having come to us once, no longer wants to purchase accessories and components elsewhere.

Our store cooperates with both retail and wholesale buyers, providing each client with excellent deal conditions. So, if you need to replace flex cable LG with a high-quality and inexpensive component with delivery, you are in the right place! Choose the product you like, fill out an application, and receive the necessary part at the nearest post office the next day!