LCD Screen

LCD Screen

Apple iPhone 6 Plus LCD

In the iPhone 6 plus model, the display pleases users with a high level of protection, good resolution, and a "nimble" sensor that instantly reacts to the slightest touch of fingers. Thanks to its oleophobic anti-reflective coating and polarizing filter, it is frost-resistant and scratch-resistant.

iPhone 6 Plus LCD screen features:

     type - LED-backlit IPS LCD;

     impressive resolution 1080 x 1920 px, allowing you to view the high-quality video (dot density 401 pixels per inch);

     5.5-inch diagonal will make viewing as comfortable as possible for its owner;

     the maximum speed of the IPS matrix is ​​519 cd / m2;

     color rendition is at 99% of sRGB;

     picture contrast is 1300: 1;

     even with the greatest tilt of the smartphone, the color rendition does not change;

     there is an automatic brightness control;

     24-bit color system.

It has no air gap, which makes the picture more attractive.

LCD screen in iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus was Apple's first “big” device. This device has attracted the attention of fans of large devices. The LCD screen for iphone 6 plus was made using IPS technology and had an excellent color gamut. It is much easier to break it due to its large size, and the price of the iphone 6 plus LCD is quite high. This is due to the costs of production and delivery of spare parts. We must also not forget the “incident of quarrels between Chinese suppliers”, when Apple's factories in China simply refused to work.

Now you can buy iphone 6 plus LCD screens on the Internet and in stores. To replace, you must have two types of screwdrivers, x-shaped and branded (star-shaped). Further, knowing the design features of the iPhone, we remove the broken module and install a new one. On the site you can buy a display for iphone 6 plus with delivery in the US and its cities.

Where to buy the LCD for iphone 6 plus?

The display is sold complete with protective glass, frame, and touchscreen. Its replacement is carried out in case of refusal to reproduce the picture, in case of glass damage, in case of sensor failure, or the appearance of dead pixels. You can buy a display for iPhone 6 plus in the online store Spare Parts Mobile. Black or white frames are available for your taste.

The advantages of purchasing spare parts from us:

     guarantee for all goods;

     free delivery by courier after meeting some conditions or the ability to pick up the goods by yourself;

     detailed advice on all issues of interest.

Thus, the iPhone 6 plus display can be bought in the United States in any other corner of the country through our online store.