Back Cover

Back Cover

Apple iPhone 7 Plus back cover

Mechanical impact (shock or fall) can cause an external defect to appear on the smartphone, as well as lead to damage to internal parts. Sometimes external flaws can be eliminated in a service center, straightened, but if the damage cannot be repaired, it is worth buying a new back cover iPhone 7 Plus. On the site, you can select any iPhone 7 Plus back cover and change it in any service center. The price for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus back cover in matte black or onyx black is the same, and the replacement cost can be found in the smartphone repair services. If you have not previously repaired Apple technology, it is better to seek help from a specialist.

iPhone 7 Plus back covers set

The package of the case of a touchscreen phone, in most cases, includes a back cover or a battery compartment cover, a middle part, a metalized/chrome-plated frame, or a decorative front insert, if it is provided for by the phone design. The package usually does not include the front protective glass, plastics, keyboards, stylus, camera glass.

Carefully study the photo on the site, as a rule, it reflects the complete set we offer upon sale. Sometimes the middle part and the keyboard are made in the form of examples, which are visible in the photo but do not replace parts, in which case they must be purchased separately.

Note! The shade and ornament of the case may differ from the shade and ornament in the photograph. To avoid misunderstandings please specify the picture for the product iPhone 7 Plus original back cover, or high copy, at the time of ordering.

Changing the case

You can replace the case for the product Apple iPhone 7 Plus, you can do it yourself if you have the appropriate tools and depending on your skills, if you are not sure that you will succeed or your phone model has nuances, difficulties in replacing the case, you can contact the service center master and order a mobile phone repair service.

The back cover of the iPhone 7 Plus is an element of the case, without which the safe and high-quality operation of a smartphone is impossible. Replacing the back panel on the iPhone 7 Plus can be done by yourself. For this you need to:

     read the replacement instructions;

     buy a back cover for the iPhone 7 Plus;

     remove the deformed or damaged part by yourself;

     put the new cover back in place and connect the necessary contacts.

The price of the part and our instructions make it possible to save time and money for a replacement.