Button And Card Tray

Button And Card Tray

Apple iPhone 5s home button

The sensor-mechanical touch ID button iPhone 5s is the main control module of a smartphone that performs the following tasks:

     identification of the owner's fingerprint for unlocking the device, contactless payments;

     return to the main screen;

     demonstration of active applications;


     launch of the voice assistant Siri.

The first function is performed by the touch-sensitive part of the key, the rest - by its mechanical element. The sensor works according to the following scheme: the sensitive membrane reacts to touch, the electrical circuit is closed, the electronic signal passes through the loop directly to the processor, where it is processed and recognized. The voltage across the transistors in the circuit is 13.5 V.

A fingerprint reader allows you not to use digital passwords to unlock the gadget. Therefore, if the iPhone 5s home button on the device is broken, it is recommended to buy a replacement home button for the iPhone 5s so as not to experience difficulties with multiple security codes entry.

Description and features of the home button in iPhone 5s

The global key difference from its predecessor is the presence of a fingerprint scanner. Model 5 does not have such a detector, the main key is concave and has a square icon.

The scanner unit has built-in identification data that is stored in the machine's system. If you buy a home button for an iPhone 5s with a non-original sensor or only the sensor itself from unofficial suppliers, the smartphone system will register the lack of identification data, designate the sensor as a foreign element, and for security purposes will disable the fingerprint unlock function (Touch ID), any contactless payments. That is why it is more expedient to buy a home button for iPhone 5s in reliable online stores.

     The home button iPhone 5s consists of:

     framed biometric scanner touchpad;

     sensitive membrane;

     a mechanical block that responds to the force of pressing;


Usually, it is offered assembled with a cable because replacing an assembled key is more profitable than replacing only one of its elements: this saves time and money, and there are no problems with incompatibility of component parts. The key ribbon cable is attached to the phone's bottom ribbon cable, on which the charging socket is powered.

Buy and replace home button of iPhone 5s

The module is priced reasonably. The site contains a whole encyclopedia of smartphone malfunctions, and in a special section, you can find detailed guides for replacing each of the spare parts. All the tools you need to disassemble and repair gadgets are on sale. Under such conditions, any user will be able to independently replace any of the elements of his device.