Single Tail Connector

Single Tail Connector

Samsung Tail Connector

Nowadays, the mobile phone has long ceased to be a simple device for making calls. Many different functions and capabilities are concentrated in every gadget today. With a job that used to require a large number of bulky devices and many hours of time, a modern smartphone is able to cope in a matter of moments. Obviously, the implementation of such an array of opportunities will require the expenditure of significant amounts of energy. Charging our mobile phone every day, we replenish these reserves, allowing our "iron friend" to function to the fullest.

But sometimes it happens that the device loses the ability to regularly receive additional power. In some cases, this is due to damage to the charging Samsung tail connector. But how to determine such a breakdown, how does it manifest itself, and how to fix the situation?

Causes of damage to the charging connector on a Samsung phone

In simple words, the charging connector is a standard socket at the bottom of the phone, where we repeatedly insert the power cord. Just think how many times during the use of the device we insert and remove the plug from this socket. Regular mechanical influences sooner or later still affect and even the most careful user begins to notice that the socket is a little wobbly, and the contact inside is no longer as strong as it was when buying a gadget. Often, the reasons for such a malfunction are:

     mechanical damage due to accidental drops, various shocks, and other rough contacts with environmental objects;

     foreign objects getting into the connector, be it sand, dust, dirt, or small contents of the pocket;

     excessive pressure on the cable when connecting;

     oxidation of contacts inside the part, or on the motherboard of the gadget;

     factory defect, etc.

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Where to buy a new charging connector for Samsung?

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