OCA And Polarizing Films

OCA And Polarizing Films

OCA and polarizing films Huawei

You can buy it, but why is it needed and what is OCA film for Huawei in general? If you came to this page, then most likely you are faced with the repair of your mobile phone, tablet, or smartwatch, namely, with the replacement of the glass of the display module. OCA film is a kind of consumable needed for repairs to replace the glass and sensor of a smartphone or other gadget. It is an adhesive layer that is located between the glass and directly the mobile phone screen. It is the OCA film that reliably fixes the display module together and allows repairs without buying a new module while maintaining the original part, which significantly reduces the replacement cost.

Why should you buy an OCA film?

Compared to other materials, OCA film has several advantages:

     it is very thin, which allows you to cope with the task without problems;

     does not leave behind yellow stains, which is possible when using LOCA glue;

     has high transparency;

     it is easy to cut the desired shape from OCA film according to the model of a mobile phone or other gadgets;

     has a low price, which allows you to simply buy a new OCA film in case of failure.

Experienced glass plywood technicians always prefer OCA film!

To apply OCA films you may also need:

     liquid for removing OCA films;

     microfiber napkins;

     glue and tape;

     OCA film laminators;


     devices for gluing display modules;

     forms for repairing;

     glass and sensor (with and without OCA film) for mobile phones.

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