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SIM card slot for Lenovo phone and memory card provides the contact of the actual SIM with the phone. The part is small and vulnerable, and its loss or damage makes it impossible to use communications and other services of a mobile operator. Fortunately, replacing such a spare part is inexpensive.

The main reasons for the repair of SIM card slot Lenovo and memory cards

SIM card trays are made of different materials, usually plastic, metal, and also composites. You need to be careful with the plastic holder since it is the most fragile. Metal and composite trays are often lost by users.

SIM card holders break because they are installed carelessly or by the wrong side, also with careless installation of a SIM card. In the worst case, you can damage the pins inside the port or even break the connector off the module. Thus, the most common situations when a new SIM tray is needed:

     the previous one was lost;

     the SIM card slot is damaged;

     dust or water gets on the surface of the holder;

     the formation of rust stains (in the case of metal holders);

     a significant part of the holder is missing;

     if the SIM slot is stuck.

With this in mind, if possible, do not pull the tray out of the port, the less often it leaves the slot, the longer it will last. If a breakdown does happen, you need a new one. At the same time, we strongly advise against using a SIM card holder from another phone model, you need to select a spare part compatible with your gadget.