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Apple iPhone 5c Home button

The release of each new product from Apple is always an event and a significant date for fans of this product. And this is not strange because the company produces some of the highest quality devices in the world. By purchasing Apple products, you can be confident in the build quality and performance of the chosen model, but it is worth remembering that this is an impermanent technique and it tends to fail.

But buttons on mobile phones also break often. Most often this is due to improper care or the expiration of the service life, but you should not be upset if a home button on your iPhone 5c is broken because you can always change it to a new one. You can choose a new Home button for the iPhone 5c on our portal. There are a variety of buttons, made of different materials and even with Swarovski stones.

iPhone 5c Home button

The "Menu" or "Home" button on the iPhone 5c is the most important button, it acts as an exit to the desktop from any submenu and application. And if it stopped working, then there are two ways to fix this problem.

Troubleshooting without iPhone 5c home button replacement

There is a possibility that the button can simply be cleaned, for this, you need to remove it, disconnect its board from the cover of the button itself, and clean off the oxide formed on the metal plate.

Replacing home buttons for iPhone 5c

Cleaning does not always help, and here it is already necessary to replace the entire button for the iPhone. It is advisable to entrust this process to professionals so as not to make things worse since you will need to disassemble the entire phone. If you have the necessary skills, then you are welcome to our store for the buttons.

Where to get?

Failure of buttons is an extremely unpleasant case for owners of Apple technology. When the buttons of the iPhone 5C break, the phone cannot be unlocked or turned off, and the breakdown of the central button causes a complete blocking of the phone's actions. You need to do the following:

     find out which buttons are out of order;

     if it is a button to lock the iPhone 5C, purchase the desired item;

     install a new button and enjoy your phone.

If the iPhone 5C button causes problems, it will be more difficult here. Repair or replacement of the iPhone 5C button is made only at the service center. This requires a complete disassembly of the phone.

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