Back Cover

Back Cover

Apple iPhone 6 back cover

Released in 2014, the brainchild of Apple in the face of the iPhone 6 made a technological breakthrough and showed everything how to make smartphones. High-quality Retina display, aluminum iPhone 6 body, and new technical “filling”, as well as advanced biometric scanner Touch ID have made a breakthrough in the mobile market.

This model has acquired impressive dimensions:

     Dimensions iPhone 6: 138.1 x 67 x 6.9mm

     Weight: 129g.

The users liked the novelty so much that they do not release it for a minute, Apple stores are overflowing with huge queues of buyers who are ready to wait for hours just to touch the future!

Back cover for iPhone 6

Having bought the desired device, many do not part with it for a minute. Such active use will lead to possible abrasions and scratches on the back cover iPhone 6 if you use the device without protective accessories.

One of the most frequently broken modules in every phone is the back cover of the iPhone 6. If back covers for iPhone 6 are cracked when dropped, you can simply change it by ordering original parts online. The iPhone 6 back cover is inexpensive, and you don't have to pay for a professional installation - you can replace the cover of the iPhone 6 yourself.

The excessive thinness of the device also became a problem! Many have dealt with the problem when the phone bends in a pants pocket or from excessive pressure with your hands, which leads to damage to the internal and external parts. You can fight this with durable protective iPhone 6 back covers. But, if you nevertheless damaged it, you need to replace the iPhone back cover 6.

iPhone 6 back cover replacement: features and tips

All actions related to the repair of Apple devices must be carried out by the specialists of their service centers. The high cost of services is a guarantee of quality, both work, and spare parts! But, if you decide to find, purchase and change a spare part yourself, then you should understand some points.

First! There are many copies of different quality on the market, which may well resemble the original part. Before buying, you need to see how the case for iPhone 6 should look like. Visually inspect and try to remember the internal layout. Tactilely, the cases can also be very similar, we are talking about official versions and other multi-colored or transparent cases are not taken into account.

     The quality of the offered part:


     High copy;

     Copy of AAA - class;

     Original spare parts;

     Used spare parts.

This simple algorithm should simplify the choice and explain the difference in prices for the required part.

Our online store Spare Parts Mobile offers to buy a back cover for iPhone 6, the price in New York and other cities is the same, and fast delivery across the US will pleasantly surprise you.