Tail Connector

Tail Connector

Huawei tail connector

The Huawei tail connector is the connector on the phone that acts as one of the intermediaries in the process of transferring electricity from the power source to the battery. Modern charging connectors allow not only charging the device, but also transmitting and receiving data, sound, and images. You won't have to say much about the importance of this detail, you just have to imagine that your Huawei smartphone is no longer charging. In this case, it becomes impossible to continue using the phone, an urgent repair of the charging socket will be required. The Micro USB connector is a rather fragile piece considering the frequency of interaction with the charger. Fortunately, this connector is not uncommon, and replacing it is a rather trivial and inexpensive task.

When do you need to replace the tail connector Huawei?

Usually, the charging connector is replaced when the component is completely defective and it becomes impossible to use all the functions of a smartphone or tablet. In this case, pay attention to the following signs:

     The charging socket is loose

     Charging works intermittently

     The cable does not fit into the charging socket

     Charging only at an angle

     The phone stopped recognizing charging

Reasons for the breakdown

A breakdown can come from various factors. For example, in the software part of the device or in the charging cable, but if the malfunction lies in the connector, pay attention to the most common causes of breakdown:

     Rough handling of the charging connector

     Moisture getting into the charging socket

     A charger from another manufacturer was used

     The cable was inserted in the wrong direction

Where to buy a charging socket on Huawei

You can buy a new charging connector on our website. We always keep a wide range of different models and types of connectors in stock, so we can replace the connector that fits Huawei in a short time.