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Touch Panel

Samsung Touch Screen

It is widely known that any screen on a modern touchscreen phone consists of several independent elements. These include a sensor, display module or matrix, and surface protection glass. The display, as we know, is responsible for the presence of the image. It is on it that the picture is projected, which we subsequently observe on the screen. The touchscreen is responsible for the user's communication with the phone, transforming the energy of the touch into a special signal. Violation of its function will certainly lead to difficulties in working with the smartphone. But what to do in such a situation, what are the outputs, and what you need to know about the breakdown of the Samsung touch screen?

Reasons for breakage of Samsung touch screens

First of all, the reasons for the failure of the touch screen on Samsung phones include chemical and mechanical damage to the device. The most common ones are:

     Departure or complete failure of the loop that communicates between the screen and the gadget;

     Damage to the device microcircuit;

     Swelling of the accumulator;

     Broken display;

     Oxidation of the contacts on the motherboard due to high humidity or direct contact with an aqueous medium.

In addition to very real reasons that can be called “see and touch”, problems with the device software may also be involved in the failure of the Samsung touch on your phone, namely:

     Overflowed device memory;

     Clogged cache data;

     Incorrect or incorrectly executed firmware;

     Downloading and installing a third-party (viral) application.

To get more detailed information about the cause and degree of damage, you should contact a reliable service center for diagnostic measures.

How to determine if your Samsung phone’s touch screen needs to be replaced?

It's easy to spot a touchscreen issue. Each of us intuitively understands when “the phone stops listening to us”. But in addition to a simple decrease in the sensitivity of the sensor, problems with the Samsung touch screen display can be manifested by the following symptoms:

     Hanging pixel (black spot on the sensor);

     Multi-colored stripes;

     Full or partial refusal to respond to pressing;

     Arbitrary execution of actions;

     Black screen.

If you observe the above “symptoms” on your device, most likely your sensor is broken. And given the specifics of the part, in the presence of structural damage to the touchscreen, the only possible way to correct the situation is only a complete replacement of this element.

Where to buy a Samsung touch screen?

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