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Apple iPhone 5c LCD

Broken displays and damaged glass are the most common smartphone breakdowns. When dropped or accidentally hit, it is the LCD iPhone 5c screen that is most often damaged, like the most fragile part of the gadget. The reason for the inoperability may be a problem with the matrix, when the backlight disappears, the picture is not displayed. If the touchscreen breaks down, there is no reaction to touch. But, even if one of the above components is damaged, it is necessary to change the entire module as a whole (due to the structural features of the unit).

Main characteristics of the LCD replacement for iPhone 5c

The new iPhone 5c LCD display (original) occupies a large front part of the case (its area is 44.1 square centimeters). Regardless of the color of the polycarbonate case (there are 5 colors), the front part is always black. The display is protected by a glass plate and can reflect bright light. There is an oleophobic coating (fingerprints can be easily removed). The color reproduction is natural, the colors are bright and saturated. There is a built-in automatic adjustment of parameters by a light sensor. At maximum brightness, you can read text even in daylight, and in complete darkness, the brightness decreases to a comfortable level.

Product technical parameters:

     diagonal - 4 inches;

     screen - color touchscreen;

     high-precision IPS matrix (the most accurate color reproduction);

     resolution 640 x 1136 pixels (high definition of details);

     high contrast ratio - 870: 1;

     the screen-to-body ratio is 59.9%.

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