Touch Panel

Touch Panel

Apple iPhone 6S Plus touch panel

The presentation of the sixth-generation iPhone was very controversial:

     Controversial design;

     Lack of new body colors;

     Low durability of the device;

     "Old" Retina screen;

     Unstable iOS version.

All these disadvantages could ruin the company's reputation, but after six months, the world was presented with a line of “S” devices. It lost all its shortcomings and acquired a number of new "chips". Separately, we would like to note the iPhone 6S Plus touch panel. The new 3D Touch function allows you to determine the pressure on the screen. All future updates to the iOS system are built around this feature.

The devices received:

     New vibration motor Taptic Engine;

     Stronger aluminum housing;

     Rose Gold color;

     2Gb RAM;

     iPhone 6S Plus screen with improved picture.

That was enough and Apple's reputation was cleared and fans exclaimed “amazing” again!

Repair and replacement of the iPhone 6 S Plus touch panel

For all its genius, the new iPhone is easily damaged, especially the huge display on the iPhone 6S Plus. Due to the increase in area, any deformations and impacts can negatively affect the operation of the display module and its individual functions. Damage can be as follows:

     The protective glass is broken;

     The screen is broken;

     Loop or connection connectors are damaged.

     Further repairs depend on this:

     Glass replacement (separation);

     Replacement with a new part;

     Restoration of an existing part.

Now we need to buy the iPhone 6S Plus display module to quickly replace it.

All parts differ in build quality and materials. According to this criterion, the display on the iPhone 6S Plus can be divided into the following categories: copy, AAA-grade copy, Original.

Copy is the most common type of part. You need to be very careful before buying, there may be a large percentage of factory defects, as well as the lack of 3D touch function! This should be taken into account before installation. The overall quality of the product is average.

The touch for the iPhone 6S Plus (High-copy) is produced under an official license from Apple. It is well assembled and supports all the basic functions, including "pressure force". Used by service centers for warranty repairs. It is very easy to buy it, just enter the query: "The cost of the display on the iPhone 6S Plus" and choose our online store.

The original parts are expensive and taken from other devices. They can also be new if for some reason they did not go into the series, but remained in the warehouse. Such a screen fits perfectly into the case, and the build quality and materials are maximum. Before buying, pay attention to the presence of warranty seals and the absence of traces of use. Often unscrupulous sellers sell old used parts under the guise of new parts.