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A damaged Samsung LCD screen is a fairly common reason for contacting service centers around the world. Many users have certainly faced this throughout their lives. Breakage of this part often excludes the possibility of full-fledged work with your device.

You need to understand that the LCD screen for a Samsung phone, like for any other smartphone, consists of several parts, such as a display, a touchscreen, and a protective glass. Failure of any of these components can seriously affect the functionality of your device. Considering that such an element as a display is practically impossible to repair, the only way out of this situation is Samsung LCD screen replacement. But what is the right way to buy a new screen for your Samsung smartphone without bumping into pitfalls? How to choose the appropriate replacement Samsung LCD screen, what do you need to know and what is the difference between the various display options for Samsung presented on our website?

Causes of Samsung LCD screen panel breakage

The main reasons for the failure of LCD Samsung screens are:

     Mechanical damage. The category of physical damage includes traumatic impacts of the phone on solid objects, it’s falling, liquid getting into the case, etc.

     Wear. Every part of the screen on any phone, including a Samsung smartphone, starts to work worse over time. Regular long-term use or improper handling conditions can lead to wear of the part.

     Update. If, as a result of the last update, your Samsung stopped working, or there is vibration feedback and flashing diodes, but the display on the phone still does not turn on, then most likely the matter is in the firmware. Perhaps this firmware is not suitable for your smartphone, or there was a failure or error during its installation. To fix the situation, you need to reflash the gadget by correctly installing the correct version of the system.

     Proximity sensor breakage. When the screen turns off spontaneously while using the device, the probable cause of a breakdown may be a failure of the proximity sensor. This part is included in the display module and is responsible for locking the screen during a call when we bring the phone to our ear.

How to choose LCD screen replacement Samsung

To buy the screen you want, you first need to make sure it fits your Samsung phone model. Usually, this information is always indicated in the product description. You can also always use the filter by a model in the side menu of our site.

Today the following models are the most popular:




     j200, and others.

Also, LCD screens Samsung presented in our store differ in the part quality and condition.

Where to buy Samsung LCD screens?

If you find yourself in a forced situation and you need to buy a good Samsung mobile LCD screen in the shortest possible time - the Spare Parts Mobile online store is what you need! A large selection of our products will help you quickly find the right part, even for rare models of smartphones, and a variety of payment methods, high-quality service, and a convenient website will make the purchase process easy and enjoyable.

You can buy a screen for your Samsung phone from us by easily ordering a part to any part of the country where there is a post office. And even if the purchase for some reason does not suit you, you can count on a quick exchange or refund within the time frame established by the current legislation of the US. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of payment, delivery, and warranty in more detail in the corresponding sections of our website.

Therefore, if you need to buy a high-quality display for your Samsung phone, you are in the right place. Choose and order the right part right now!