LCD Screen

LCD Screen

Apple iPhone 8 Plus LCD

Apple continues to delight its fans with new smartphones from the iPhone line. Experts continue to follow the new course of the company and create several "formats" at once, a new iPhone: regular and Plus versions (in fact, the differences in dimensions: the display for the iPhone 8 Plus is larger and is 5.5 inches).

The work on the novelty was completed a few months earlier than the target date. This made it possible to avoid the shortage of spare parts, which played a cruel joke at the start of sales of the 7th generation (iPhone 8 Plus LCD screen replacement is easier and cheaper than in the same period last year).

Visually, the 8th inherited the design from the “big brother”, changing materials to steel and glass (most analysts, as well as customer reviews, indicate that this solution refers to the days of the iPhone 4 and 4S).

The screen on the iPhone 8 Plus has also undergone changes:

     Retina HD (IPS technology);

     The resolution was 1334 x 750, and the dot density was 326 ppi;

     The display area was 65.57%, the entire front panel, the bottom is a Touch ID scanner and a “phantom” Home button;

     The aspect ratio is standard - 16: 9.

The highlight is the True Tone technology: it automatically adjusts the white balance, which makes the picture familiar and bright in any light.

The technical side of the smartphone has also changed. The system is now in charge of the A11 Bionic processor, capable of handling a huge number of background operations without losing their progress. Also prone to learning: popular applications will run faster using fewer system resources.

The camera deserves a special mention. The smartphone received a dual-module of the main camera, an extended portrait mode, and video recording in 240 frames. The pictures taken with this smartphone excite the minds with its quality. Photos are always great: in poor/good lighting, the amount of noise is minimal.

You can praise the new device from Apple for a long time, let's pay attention to maintenance and repair.

iPhone 8 Plus LCD screen replacement cost: the process

It takes place in several stages. The easiest place to start is by looking for parts. To do this, it will be enough to open a browser and enter the request: “Buy iPhone 8 Plus screen LCD”. From the list of available sites, choose our online store and download a huge catalog of parts and accessories for Apple technology: including the iPhone 8 Plus.

Also on the site, you can find out the latest news from the world of mobile technologies, read reviews of other buyers, and get advice by phone or online.

Have you decided on a detail? Feel free to click “buy”, which will allow you to place an order and delivery throughout the US. You can also notice that the cost of the screen for the iPhone Eight Plus may differ and depends on the quality and state of the parts.

Here are a couple of tips for replacing the display on your iPhone 8 Plus yourself. When choosing a part, it should be understood that the prices for displays for the iPhone 8 Plus are different. The cheapest option will have only basic functions, and the overall quality of workmanship leaves much to be desired! Before starting repairs: examine your smartphone. The Internet is full of tutorials on assembling and replacing components. If everything is done correctly, the result will meet all your expectations!