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Apple iPhone 5 Home button

Among the most popular, modern high-tech, multifunctional devices capable of solving many tasks at the same time, Apple communicators stand out. At the same time, intensive use of the device in everyday life often causes the Home button to fail for Apple phones. Moreover, such damage is not repaired at home, it requires a complete iPhone 5 Home button replacement of the damaged element.

Where to find a Home button for iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 buttons, due to their small number, experience tremendous stress in the process of everyday use of the device. For example, the home button on iPhone 5 often fails and needs to be replaced. Additional reasons for the failure of buttons should be considered the accumulation of dirt, as well as their careless use. Separately, it is worth noting that in the iPhone 5 device, the power button can also break due to excessive exposure to it. In our store, you can purchase a home button iPhone 5 for replacing the old one and independently carry out simple repairs, while saving money.

Before taking the communicator to a service center to replace a damaged iPhone 5 home button, you should select the right part to restore the device's performance. Here you need to take into account the following basic nuances:

     The item for replacement must be from the original manufacturer;

     The part must fully comply with the parameters of the mother device;

     The purchase of the spare part should be carried out at a licensed point of sale for iPhone accessories;

     Before buying home buttons for iPhone 5, it will not be superfluous to get advice from an experienced manager who ensures their sale.

The purchase of parts should be carried out through the official points of sale of the company's products in your region, or use the services of certified stores that provide the sale of such products. Thus, you minimize the risks of purchasing a low-quality product, which in appearance does not differ much from the originals.

Buying a fake can cause such problematic moments:

     Lack of interaction of the counterfeit with the original parts of the device;

     Inconsistency in parameters, dimensions, method of connection of the replaced element;

     The low quality of the materials from which the fake is made, as a result of which its service life is significantly reduced.

How to extend the life of your device?

It is quite easy to increase the useful life of the communicator. There are a few simple rules to follow:

     Cover the iPhone 5 button with special films, cases, bags;

     Avoid getting on the surface of the device moisture, dust, other contaminants;

     Calculate the forces in the process of pressing the button so that excessive efforts do not cause physical damage to the mobile device;

     Avoid accidental drops of the communicator, kinks, unsecured transportation in contact with other solid objects.

Do you need home buttons for iPhone 5? No problems. You can buy them without leaving this page. It is enough to choose a product from the above assortment and place an order. The iPhone 5 button will be delivered to you within the shipping time frame.