Types of Display Modules for Apple Devices

Types of Display Modules for Apple Devices

Millions of users worldwide enjoy iPhones for their excellent performance, unique design, minimum bugs, and exceptional qualities of iOS. Apple developers convinced users in at least 2 years of high productivity of the device and no need for replacement parts for mobile phones. Unfortunately, the everyday use of the iPhone and different factors may affect its working possibilities and lead to the necessity for fixing it. 

iPhone modules are the most regular parts for phones, which should be replaced. The specialists in workshops prefer using copies instead of installing the original details. The reason for this is the usually unaffordable price of the authentic details and similar characteristics to the high qualitative copy. Therefore, let’s discover which Apple modules are available nowadays and if it is better to choose a replica than the original details. 

Genuine Modules and Replica: What Properties Do Cell Phone Parts Have? 

Firstly, it is essential to emphasize that the original Apple parts for phones are not available for free sale. There are only 2 ways to get the original module: 

  • buying a new iPhone. 

  • getting the details from the original donor phone. 

But why are there so many details which can be found in various stores indicated as genuine? In such cases, it’s about the Original Equipment Manufacturers. 

OEM Parts for Smartphones

Such details are provided on the specific enterprises which got the license for manufacturing the parts for devices from the original firm. In the case of Apple, the common partners are Foxconn and Inventec. Such details have the same characteristics as the original ones: 

  • productive capacities;

  • development technology;

  • manufacturing materials. 

Therefore, such details can be regarded as the most qualitative even if they are not provided in the Apple factory. 

High-Quality Replica

Such phone replacement parts are provided in the same factories as the previous type. However, there is no license for their manufacturing from Apple, and the partnership firm directly regulates their development. Overall, the quality and productivity remain at the highest level. 

Medium Quality Copy 

Such parts for phones are manufactured by firms that don’t relate to Apple. The manufacturer (usually Chinese) provides their unique development technology considering specific materials. They are generally cheaper than the original ones, and the development firm defines the price. 

The popular developers are Longteng, Tianma, and ShenChao. The quality and reliability of such products are usually unknown to the user, and only the experienced specialists can choose the suitable phone replacement part

To Sum Up 

Overall, it is usually hard to replace the original detail for the iPhone because they can’t be purchased in ordinary stores. However, the highly qualitative module replicas may have the same characteristics as the genuine ones and can perfectly replace even the severely damaged modules.