Top 5 Instruments for Fixing Mobile Phones

Top 5 Instruments for Fixing Mobile Phones

Even the most innovative mobile phone has its wear period and may lose its function. While many users immediately address workshops, others prefer replacing damaged parts for phones by themselves. And then the question arises: “what instruments are necessary for fixing devices at home, and are they in the free sale?”. Therefore, let’s discover the top tools for repairing mobile devices and understand what can be fixed with their help. 

Best Tools for Fixing Mobile Phones 

Each of the listed instruments is created not only to replace the cell phone parts. Those who got enough skills working with them may use the tools for repairing laptops, tablets, headphones, etc. 

Set of Small Screwdrivers

Each fixing procedure starts with the device disassembly, which can’t be provided without the screwdriver set. And it’s also essential to have various screwdriver heads and bits which suit the specific size of bolts and screws. If earlier it was enough to have the cross and the TORX nozzles, nowadays, many android phone parts and Apple details require five-point and HEX. The experts advise paying attention to the following parameters when choosing the suitable screwdriver set: 

  • Quality of bits: its hardening degree shouldn’t be high because hardly pressing on it may crumble a nozzle. 

  • Comfortable handle: it’s better to use screwdrivers with a rubber cover to avoid the handle’s turning while applying force. 

  • Availability of the box: such a factor is more for a discipline because each nozzle should have its place to minimize the risks of its loss. 

Choosing a suitable set may significantly help fix the devices and provide a comfortable replacement for the smartphone parts.


Their most typical instruments for fixing the mobile parts are non-cleaning fluxes of gel or paste consistency. A thick flux envelops the tiny legs of the microcircuit and contributes to an even distribution of heat between them. 

Also, due to surface tension, the flux allows the solder to be evenly distributed over the cell phone part. The specialists recommend using such famous brands as Amtech, Baku, Kingbo, Mechanic, etc. 

Third Hand for Soldering with Magnifier

The instrument provides the following functions: 

  • Fixation of the cell phone part

  • Zoom of the detail.

  • Detail illumination.

Such an instrument simplifies the soldering procedure and can be a “wonderful” supplement for the instrumental set. 

Adhesive Tape and Glue 

The specialists use them to glue the touchscreen and the display. The most durable double-sided adhesive tape is an acrylic one with VHB technology and a thickness of 0.2 mm. The most popular sensor adhesives are B-7000 and E-8000. They are transparent, thick, apply nicely, and don’t shrink. 

Spatulas for Separating Frame Parts

The careful opening of the smartphone parts the most necessary instruments: plastic or iron spatulas and picks. The suction cups and scalpels may also help lift and carefully separate the frame parts. 

To Sum Up

Overall, the listed tools are suitable only for those who have enough skills to fix mobile phones. So, having such an instrumental set may help fix different device breakdowns.