iPhone 8 Parts

iPhone 8 Parts

Apple iPhone 8

They expected from Apple innovation and a radically new iPhone? In September 2017, the company showed the whole world how smartphones should be made. The public was presented with three devices at once on the six-core A11 Bionic processor, namely iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X. We are only interested in "eight" and spare parts for the iPhone 8. Many wanted to see a continuation of the seventh model, in the face of the “S” -version, but the changes were too significant and dragged on an independent numbering device.

The following elements were changed:

     Glass case and other iPhone 8 parts;

     Retina HD display with new True Tone feature;

     Body colors: silver, space gray, and gold (new);

     Availability of fast and wireless charging according to the QI standard;

     Work with augmented reality;

     Increase in productivity by 75%;

     Full protection of all parts of the iPhone 8 according to the IP-68 standard;

     Stereo speakers;

     Extended battery life.

Visually, the design has changed dramatically: the glass panels of the iPhone 8 made it possible to completely get rid of the “antenna stripes” along the edges of the case. The bezel is almost unchanged from the previous model. Perhaps the production of iPhone 8 parts for sale will be simplified due to similar technologies.

The camera has undergone major changes. The number of megapixels was 12, and the lens aperture was ƒ / 1.8. this made it possible to improve the quality and speed of photo and video shooting. A new mode has appeared that is capable of advanced work with photographic portraits. Hopefully, when ordering iPhone 8 replacement parts, the camera will be available as well. Video can be recorded in 4K at 60 frames and Full HD in SLOW-MO mode at 240 frames per second.

The battery, oddly enough, decreased and amounted to 1821 mAp/hours, but the battery life, as the creators assured, increased and is the following indicators:

     Up to 15 hours talk time;

     Up to 11-13 hours of work with Wi-Fi and LTE networks;

     Up to 12-14 hours when watching a video;

     Up to 45 hours in audio mode.

Indicators of the average level and the batteries themselves can be purchased in our online store.

iPhone 8 spare parts: their choice and purchase

It's very easy to break a new iPhone! The glass case and other parts of an iPhone 8 can be broken if dropped unsuccessfully, sat on it, or bent. Only good protection against water increases the chances of survival of the device.

If trouble does happen, you have the following choice:

     Contact an official service center;

     Make repairs yourself!

     Continue (if possible) to use without replacing the broken part;

     Refuse to repair and buy another device;

     Consider a DIY repair.

First, you need to buy the necessary spare parts for the iPhone 8. You can do this using our online store.

Components differ in a number of parameters. They can be of the following types:

     Simple copy;

     High-quality copy (High copy);

     Original parts.

Let's start with a copy. This is the most affordable option. It is presented in huge numbers in many online stores. The quality is many times inferior to the "factory" parts, defects and malfunctions are possible. They are often released without an Apple license. The choice of such parts for the iPhone 8 mobile phone does not seem reasonable, because they often have limited capabilities and perform only basic functions.

The following components are High-copy. Manufactured under an official order and license from Apple. Great for repairing iPhone 8. You just need to carefully inspect the components before installation, for any defects.

The last ones on this list are original. Their purchase can cause various difficulties because their release is strictly regulated by the company itself. Such parts are very difficult to find in the public domain, and the sale is most often unofficial!

Be careful when choosing!