iPhone 7 Plus Parts

iPhone 7 Plus Parts

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus made a splash! Many fans were satisfied, even those for whom the dimensions of the iPhone, starting from the sixth generation, seemed large, could not resist the alluring forms of the novelty.

The smartphone has a number of the following advantages:

     The body is made of anodized aluminum and polished to a mirror shine;

     Display equipped with 3D Touch function, which complements the updated iOS interface;

     The potential capacity of iron has almost doubled;

     Application optimization has reduced battery consumption;

     Two stereo speakers deliver great sound;

     Lack of 3.5 jack and a touch Home button.

The whole phone received protection according to the ip68 standard and is no longer afraid of moisture.

iPhone 7 Plus Parts: Differences, Choices, and Installation Tips

Like any smartphone, an iPhone can be broken. Sometimes, it is very easy to do this: one unsuccessful fall is enough to turn an expensive device into a “brick”! As a result, the following parts of the iPhone 7 Plus may fail:


     Sensor protective glass;

     Display module;


     Loop of volume and power buttons;

     Microphone, charging connector, and speakers (located on one charging cable);


     Main and front camera module.

It is very easy to buy spare parts for the iPhone 7 Plus, but making the right choice in a huge range of parts from different manufacturers is difficult. You need to understand that Apple itself does not produce iPhone 7 Plus replacement parts, but uses the services of other companies.

Their products may vary in quality: copy (copy), high-quality copy (high Copy); original.

Most often, you can find Apple iPhone 7 Plus parts with the signature “copy”, which means the following:

     Parts availability;

     Low cost;

     The quality of the products is average;

     Possibly limited functionality (compared to the original).

The copy may cause difficulties during the installation. This is most often noticed when replacing the case. When new iPhone 7 Plus spare parts simply don't fit the required dimensions, making repairs difficult. With High-copies, things are much better. These parts for iPhone 7 Plus are of good quality, go well with original details, meet all standards and have full functionality. The cost of such components is much higher than ordinary copies, and it is more difficult to buy spare parts iPhone 7 Plus of this quality. Visually, they are very similar, be careful!

The last category remains - the original. It can be divided into new and used parts of an iPhone 7 Plus. The first ones were created for assembling new devices, but for some reason, they did not go into the series and are sold separately. Often used for warranty repairs. The second option - spare parts were taken from original phones. There is no guarantee for such products and is tied to the seller's conscientiousness. Before purchasing repair parts Plus iPhone 7 mobile phones, you must carefully inspect and connect to your device.

In general, before installing any part, it must be fully checked.