Flex Cable

Flex Cable

Apple iPhone X flex cable

In 2007, the public saw a device whose concept formed the basis for the further development of the industry, namely the iPhone! It is difficult to imagine a modern person walking without a smartphone in his hand or pocket. They serve many functions:

     Working with mobile networks;


     Internet access;

     Recording audio and video materials;

     Working with e-mail;

     Applications, games;



Apple is considered one of the key players in the mobile device market. The company that started it all: the development of smartphones and tablets (iPad). An anniversary model, the iPhone X, was introduced in 2017. The phone has become the quintessence of all the innovations in the industry! From its design and potentialities, the head is spinning.

iPhone X flex cable provides a stable connection of all internal components:

     Display (Retina HD);

     Cameras (main and front - double, as well as flash);


     Charging cable for the iPhone 10 phone, combined: microphone, charging connector (lightning), communication antenna;

     Built-in battery;

     Loop of control buttons (power and volume, “Mute” mode lever).

All parts, without exception, are connected with its help, which increases the chances of "surviving" when receiving various kinds of damage. The loop on the iPhone X may fail due to:

     Mechanical damage;

     Contact with moisture;

     Exposure to critical temperatures;

     Factory malfunction.

Also, time plays an important role in the life cycle of the phone: the cable on the iPhone X, over time, loses its elastic properties and becomes fragile. Any impact on the phone (in excess of the norm) increases the chances of breakage. What will be required will contact the specialists from the service centers.

Apple phone repair: replacing iPhone X cables

Finding quality parts for your iPhone is easy! It is enough to enter the request: “Buy a flat cable for iPhone X”, using a browser, follow the link of our online store. On the pages of the virtual catalog, you can find the necessary details, study reviews, or reviews on this or that part of the iPhone.

If you have any questions, online consultants will help you decide on the choice and delivery to any city throughout the US.

Assembling a device like the iPhone X is a very complicated process! Requiring experience and knowledge from the master, special tools, and service documentation. Self-repair can increase the prices of cables for the tenth iPhone! Be careful - contact a specialist.

You can take a chance and make a replacement yourself. To do this, you will need:

     Tools (screwdrivers, plastic spatulas, and suction cups, the best is to buy a tool kit for the iPhone X);

     The new part (first of all, we look for a part, and then we disassemble);

     Video instructions and service information will help to correctly disassemble the device, whose assembly is very high-quality and expensive;

     The presence of a hairdryer or soldering station (most often a similar device is attached) is necessary to remove the glass back panel.

If you follow these simple tips and are careful, the replacement process will be quick and inexpensive, and the device itself will continue to delight you!