LCD Screen

LCD Screen

Apple iPhone 6s LCD screen

The iPhone 6s screen is designed for displaying images, controlling the phone using a sensor. By its technology, the display of this model is a TFT IPS matrix, in which crystals rotate between the plates parallel to them and to each other, emitting light. The display body itself occupies 65.82% of the total area of ​​the phone's front surface.

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LCD screen replacement iPhone 6s specifications

The iPhone 6s screen LCD replacement has a widescreen matrix of the IPS category, Retina HD type, a diagonal of 4.7 ", a resolution of 1334 * 750, a density of 326 pixels. The pixels themselves are dual-domain, which provides a wide viewing angle. In terms of control, the display is capacitive, with the technology 3D Touch, which understands the pressing of different strengths, for each of which a specific command is assigned.

The display coating is resistant to scratches, repels fat particles, and its anti-glare ability is adequately implemented. The module is of the One Glass Solution type: no air gap is provided between the matrix, touch, and protective coatings. This technology helps to reproduce the image in very high quality, including with strong ambient light, reduces the amount of energy consumed, and allows the device to be thinner.

iPhone 6 s LCD replacement parameters:

     maximum brightness 548, minimum - 5.5 cd / m2;

     wide viewing angles, do not distort colors, do not invert shades;

     color, white, black fields of the display are uniform over their entire area;

     contrast ratio is excellent (1400: 1);

     the output color saturation is natural, realistic;

     the shades are well balanced.

The color depth of the matrix is ​​24 bits in each pixel, the maximum number of colors is 16.8 million.

Video materials of various resolutions, frame rates are transmitted by the screen with one hundred percent uniformity. Defective video frames, if any, are masked, the user does not notice them.

How to buy iPhone 6s LCD replacement: selling features

The iPhone 6s LCD is replaced as an assembly: frame, matrix, touchscreen. The assortment includes options in black, white, there is an original matrix, its counterparts.

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