iPhone 5 Parts

iPhone 5 Parts

Apple iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is the newest generation of smartphones, but spare iPhone 5 parts are already gaining relevance. Although the iPhone 5 has changed significantly from its predecessor, the damage issues remain the same. It is easy to scratch glass or a panel, so our online store already has the most necessary parts for an iPhone 5 screen. You can buy cables and a camera, buttons, and screens. And thanks to the video instructions, you can replace the purchased parts yourself.

Parts for iPhone 5

One of the most popular models of iPhone smartphones is the iPhone 5. This particular gadget sold better than others and is still in demand. If your smartphone is out of order - there is no sound, the screen is cracked, the Power or Home button does not work, we hasten to please you - our iPhone 5 part list contains all (well, almost all) spare parts for the iPhone 5.

Take your time to change your phone

Apple iPhone 5 is ergonomic - easy and comfortable to hold and work with. Therefore, even those who have the opportunity to purchase a flagship model are in no hurry to do so. What to do if a crack appears on the screen of your favorite gadget, a button starts to sink, the camera does not work? Of course, you can buy another phone, or you can replace the necessary parts and continue to enjoy using your iPhone 5 with pleasure.

What breakdowns occur most often?

     The most requested parts of an iPhone 5 are:

     Glass. The most fragile part of the gadget, but when replacing it, you should be careful not to touch the board or ribbon cable.

     Speaker. It is also a very important part that is prone to breakage, albeit to a lesser extent.

     Housing. In iPhones of this generation, the body is made of solid aluminum, therefore, it requires replacement entirely.

     Home button. Often after a couple of years of use, the button jams and does not respond, and without it, it is very difficult to control the smartphone.

     Loops. Damaged as a result of moisture or mechanical stress.

In addition to the above problems, your gadget may require replacement parts for iPhone 5 such as display frame, volume control buttons, vibration motor, SIM card tray, screws. You can find these and other spare parts in the catalog of our online store.

iPhone 5 part delivered from Spare Parts Mobile

It is very simple to buy spare parts iPhone 5 - you place an order on the website or by phone, and we deliver the goods to you by courier or by post. You can also pick up the order yourself by coming to us. And do not rush to write off your iPhone 5 - we will be happy to help you with the selection of this or that spare part.