iPhone 6S Plus Parts

iPhone 6S Plus Parts

Apple iPhone 6S Plus

The new iPhone 6S conquered many, and the Plus version was to the liking of fans of large sizes. Due to the growing popularity of devices with a screen diagonal of more than 5.5 inches, two devices were presented to the public at once: the regular iPhone 6S and the Plus version, the diagonal of which was 5.5 inches.

Selection and replacement of spare parts for iPhone 6S Plus

Anyone can damage or break a new iPhone. Due to the large screen, the strength of the structure has noticeably decreased. The ability to deform the case in a pocket or from an unsuccessful fall has also been added. iPhone 6S Plus parts are as easy to find as for the regular version, but the cost is slightly higher. This is due to the high production costs.

It is very easy to buy spare parts of the iPhone 6S Plus, just enter such a request on the Internet. Many stores provide their services for the sale and repair of Apple devices.

You can buy the following iPhone 6S Plus replacement parts:


     Display module;

     Flex cable of volume and power buttons;

     Home button (no Touch ID support);


     Charging loop;

     Antenna unit.

Parts for iPhone 6S Plus can be of different qualities, namely:

     Simple copy;



For example, consider such parts of an iPhone 6S Plus as a display.

A regular copy will be inferior to the original in many ways. The main flaw is the lack of 3d Touch support. The quality of the matrix itself will be worse, light and broken pixels are possible, these spare parts for the iPhone 6S Plus must be carefully examined before buying.

A good quality or AAA-grade copy is an excellent replacement for the damaged part. The color scheme corresponds to the original, all the basic functions are preserved. These parts for the iPhone 6S Plus are manufactured under license by Apple subsidiaries. The screen fits perfectly onto the original case, there are no slits or gaps. But be careful before you buy spare parts for the iPhone 6S Plus, you need to visually assess its condition and check its full performance.

Originals are the most coveted iPhone 6S Plus parts, they were created to fit new devices but are sold separately. Also, the original is the screen taken from the phone, which is out of order. Very rare and expensive spare parts for iPhone 6S Plus.

All of the above also applies to the case and other parts of the iPhone 6S Plus.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that it is advisable to buy new components such as a rechargeable battery or a volume button cable. These parts are most prone to wear and tear. They do not have a division into "copies", spare parts for the iPhone 6S Plus can be:




We are interested in the first option since almost all original spare parts for iPhone 6S Plus phones have already been in use, and their remaining resource is unknown!

Before installing new spare parts for iPhone 6S Plus mobile phones, it is necessary to check and if the part does not suit you, replace it with another one.

Where to get?

High-quality spare parts for the iPhone 6S Plus are the key to successful and effective repair of a smartphone that has failed for one reason or another. In our online store you can buy almost any spare parts that are of high reliability and quality. Also on our website there are instructions with which you can independently eliminate the malfunction and replace spare parts for the iPhone 6S Plus without any problems. Thanks to this, any smartphone owner will be able to save significant amounts without resorting to expensive services of service center specialists.