Apple iPhone 6s camera

Apple often releases S-smart phone updates with camera enhancements, and the 6s is no exception. The device has a 5-megapixel rear, 12-megapixel main, front 6s iPhone camera with some internal improvements to preserve color quality and speeds up the autofocus process, but unfortunately, the camera in iPhone 6s lacks optical stabilization.

Thanks to the improved camera, it supports 4K video recording at 30fps as well, one of the newest camera features available for the iPhone 6s is Live Photos, a feature that captures motion 1.5 seconds before and after taking a photo for display short animation and sound.

But, unfortunately, the iPhone 6 s camera glass is not the strongest part of the 6s, which is why our service provides camera replacement iPhone 6s parts. This is often done in conjunction with repairing the iPhone 6s itself.

If one of the cameras (rear or front iPhone 6S camera) is broken or malfunctions (stripes, blurring, black screen) in your iPhone 6S, then you should replace it immediately. The fact that the front camera of the iPhone 6S is out of order can be recognized by the following signs:

     jerky image;

     uncontrolled stops;

     lack of response at startup.

Since the front camera of the iPhone 6S works autonomously, the main situations due to which the rear camera does not work will look like this:

     no signal when turned on;

     low quality of the obtained images;

     disturbed focus.

Remember, if you need to replace the iPhone 6S camera, rear or front, then you can find all the necessary details on the pages of our website. In addition, using the posted video instructions, you can fix most of the breakdowns without the help of expensive service centers.