LCD Related Parts

LCD Related Parts

Apple iPhone X LCD

One of the main features of the iPhone X is the bezel-less display. The 5.8-inch display size is quite unusual for Apple, which previously claimed that the smartphone needs a small display. Thanks to the notorious framelessness, there are no problems with controlling the device since the dimensions of the iPhone X are smaller than competitors with much less impressive screen sizes. The large display is ideal for playing games and watching movies, saving the user from acquiring a tablet computer.

It is a 5.8-inch Super Retina HD OLED iPhone 10 LCD display with a resolution of 458 ppi or 2436 x 1125 pixels. It is a multi-layer product, the structure of which includes:

     safety glass;

     adhesive OCA film;

     polarizing filter;

     touch glass;

     the matrix;


Common problems affecting the performance of the iPhone x screen LCD

Mechanical damage. Scratches, chips, cracks, severe abrasions. Penetration of moisture and dust. Contamination and oxidation processes of the elements that make up the display significantly affect the image quality, integrity, and stability of the picture reproduced by it. Damage to the parts of this gadget connected to the screen - loops, printed circuit boards, microcircuits. Lack of display response to hand touches in the cold season. Unstable and incorrect software operation. Burnout after prolonged exposure to the sun. All these are the most often reason for customers to come to our store for the spare parts.

Apple iPhone x LCD display errors

The image is poorly visible, it is practically impossible to use the device in normal mode. It turns on and off unexpectedly. The device does not respond to hand or stylus touches. The screen lost its color saturation and became faded. The display does not light up at all.

What to do in such a situation?

You should not rush, perhaps the problem can be solved on your own and without the need to install a new iPhone x LCD screen replacement, by doing a simple procedure. Before proceeding with its replacement, you should:

     wipe it, remove possible dirt, accumulation of dust, grease, etc. with a cloth moistened with an alcohol solution;

     reboot the device, turn it on and off, return or restore factory settings, this often helps to cope with the problems of the software part;

     disassemble the device and put it in a warm place (dry it).

If the problem persists or there is mechanical damage to this component of the smartphone, then you need to install a new one.

Replacing the LCD for iPhone X yourself is easy enough. It can be removed without the need for any special devices. You can buy a display LCD for the iPhone X commercially.