LCD Related Parts

LCD Related Parts

Xiaomi LCD related parts

LCD-related parts for Xiaomi are needed to fix the screen parts of your phone or tablet. LCD related parts Xiaomi for fixing sensors, displays, and touchscreens must meet certain criteria:

     Made from proven materials;

     Has the desired width and thickness;

     Convenient to use;

     It does not lose its properties for many years.

Our store offers a huge range of LCD-related parts for phones Xiaomi. We take them from trusted suppliers.

If you have problems with the screen of the gadget, maybe the adhesive tape has come off and the sensor has detached from its intended place. It is possible that the replacement of the display, sensor, the touchscreen is required. In this case, LCD-related parts for Xiaomi mobiles will definitely be needed. You can troubleshoot the gadget yourself using this item. It's easy to use. Double-sided tape for mobile phones has a very long shelf life.

Classification of double-sided tape

There are many types of double-sided tape. Here we will look at the main types of double-sided tape for smartphones and tablets. The main classification criterion is the adhesive tape base material.

The double-sided PET tape has a good heat resistance and high shear resistance. Usually, the thickness is 0.048-0.2 mm. Suitable for gluing LCD displays, decorative parts, ornaments.

This double-sided foam tape is soft, tacky, solvent resistant, and UV resistant. Typically 0.4-1.0 mm thick. Suitable for bonding air conditioners, office furniture, and communications equipment. Can replace screw fixings to make products more beautiful.

The double-sided display tape creates a very stable grip. You can connect the parts with your own hands or contact service centers. The main thing is that we know what materials such spare parts should be made of. We work with reliable partners who will provide the best options. You can buy double-sided adhesive tape for the sensor in our store. If the required copy is not there, please contact our consultants.

You can consult with the specialists working in the store to choose the best option. Ask about everything that interests you. We are used to treating our clients carefully. If something is not clear, experts will explain in more detail and tell you which one is better to buy.