High Temperature Resistant Maintenance Insulation Pad Silicone Table Mats (A Type)

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1) Maintenance insulation pad No smell the pad

2) Silicone table mats

3) High temperature resistant the pad

4) 230mm x 180 mm x 2mm thick

5) Product material: high temperature resistant material

6) Product maintenance: water. That day detergent washing or soft cloth to wipe

7) High temperature maintenance mat can withstand high temperature heat gun, can very good protection maintenance units, not to be high temperature wind, cushion itself has certain viscosity, when disassembling the mobile phone can rise to prevent slippery effect, another pad itself with poly thermal characteristics, heat mat, blow welding CPU very convenient also, the most rare is the cushion is not afraid of corrosion, can swab with water or other solvents that day directly, and almost no glue stick, such as AB glue, instant glue, etc., the adhesive coating on the mat, after waiting for glue dry, gently tear it down.

8) This product can use 500 degrees high temperature resistant long time without deformation, don't smoke, don't disgusting smell, etc. Normal use of the temperature of the air pressure gun is generally 200 ~ 380 degrees, 500 degrees to true, mobile phone board estimates that can pass, because the process problems, mat surface will have a few color points or impurities, this is normal phenomenon, impact on the quality, the high temperature expansion when they are heated, non-toxic odorless, heating expansion has summoned the phenomenon, after cooling will be the same

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One Package Weight 0.26 Kg
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