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LCD Screen

Motorola LCD

The Motorola brand is revered by ardent individualists and lovers of original devices. After all, the products of the American corporation are distinguished by an expanded personalization program, stylish design, and affordable cost. But despite all the know-how, smartphone Motorola LCD displays remain the "weak link" in the entire design.

Motorola LCD screen features

Modern models of Motorola cellular devices are equipped with screens with a matrix based on IPS, Super Amoled, and consist of a display and a touchscreen. In more expensive smartphones, the display module is covered with durable Gorilla Glass. And, although mobile devices of this brand can "boast" of high reliability and stability during operation, it is not always possible to save a fragile, sensitive Motorola LCD display.

If your phone screen starts to malfunction, is shattered, or cracked on impact, the best solution is to buy a new Motorola LCD screen replacement.

Causes of Motorola LCD screens breakage

There are many possible reasons for the failure of the display module on Motorola phones. Among them, there are several main ones, which account for the lion's share of calls to service centers, namely:

     Mechanical damage.

     Defective display control ICs.

     Bad or loose contact of the loop in older models.

     Incorrectly working software.

     Oxidation of contacts due to exposure to high humidity.

It is not difficult to figure out which part of the screen LCD Motorola phone is out of order. If the breakage touches only the display, then some image defects, or lack thereof, will be noticeable on the screen. The defeat of the display can also be manifested by the loss of individual pixels or entire parts of the screen, the presence of various spots, blots, streaks, and characteristic rainbow stains, a change in color, etc.

The failure of the touchscreen leads to a malfunction of the sensor system. In this case, the smartphone ceases to adequately perceive the information you enter, responds poorly to pressing, reacts in the wrong place on the screen, or with a noticeable delay.

The presence of any of the above signs is evidence of a violation of the functions of the screen module. In this case, to eliminate the problem, a complete Motorola LCD replacement is often necessary.

How to choose LCD for Motorola mobile phone?

Finding a display for a Motorola smartphone on our website is easy. You need:

     get acquainted with the characteristics of the device: size, screen resolution, matrix technology;

     using the filter, select the manufacturer, product class: original, high-quality copy, and the required configuration (display with or without touch glass);

     compare the parameters of your phone model with the options presented.

If there is no time for an independent search, if you have any questions, please contact the store managers. They will help you choose the right screen for your Motorola.

The advantages of buying parts in the SPM store

The catalog contains more than 2500 displays for mobile phones of brands popular on the American market, including about 100 options for Motorola smartphones. We provide a guarantee for all product items. Call any number listed on the website and update your favorite mobile phones with high-quality components and accessories.